Need help villagers

Over the weekend, I was at a popular club in kasarani drinking alone and was approached by two ladies at around 1 pm to join my table. when was about to go home, I threw caution to the wind since I was excited and I gladly accepted their company. I was drugged and they withdrew money from my mpesa and mobile banking. I went and reported yesterday. and got an abstract.
I need help on how best and effectively I can recover my phone and money. I have their contact from the mpesa statement and bank statement.

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Come to think of it… I have never heard a story that starts out as yours has and ends with “…and that’s how I got my money back.”

Lick your wounds.

You had me at need help.

I read something of the sort on group kenya are you the same victim .:oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops:


You went drinking alone and now you want our help,what if by gods luck you managed to acquire a threesome ,ungetualika ??

Did they assign you a police?

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Not yet, are they supposed to do that?

Yaah ,you should go follow up your case.

Alright, and would they require some sort of bribe before they assist me?

That depends on you.


Follow the digital footprints to get your money. But lazima umotivate huyo cop kiasi

When the deal is so sweet think twice. Though if that number is active the police can follow up with Mobile service providers to track.

Youll spend more cash bribing cops alafu theyll screw the cops and the story will die, so accept and move on.


utajua hujuui

Networth ya hizoo vitu yote ni ngapi…??
You need to factor in ngapi @pamba atakula za macho akikuzungusha hapa kule then see kama it’s worth the hustle.