need help recovering some cash

Are there any cops here who can trace a number?

I sent cash to someone by mistake thru my banking app and they withdrew it before the bank could reverse it.

The idiot is still using the number and I want to trace it. I sent them 13k by mistake. I’m willing to cough up 5 k from that amount I keep 8k

Which offense has he commited?

vile afande kwenye OB desk amesema…

Surely someone can’t walk away and withdraw money that’s not theirs.

Is there anything I can do about it?

Mtumie zile message za kujoin illuminati

Hauna inbox

Accept tu vile Baba alinyoroshwa 2007 akasonga ,lakini kuna rogue cops wanaeza risk hii maneno .

Inboxed u

how many of you are not rogue…it is easier to find a rogue cop than a good one

Fiti…check inbox

And you suggest asking those rogue cops for help? Utajua hujui. You’ll be lucky to salvage anything. Those clowns are rotten as f.uck.

Cheza chini

Hehehe @luther kuja bila kutumana,of late omugusii seems very unstable,i hate baba to loose by one vote,he’s busy hurtling down on a dangerous bend.

So some who tried using that short cut it really backfired ånd the tables overturned,the complaint and cops were charged for the offense of demanding by menace.

i know what am saying…i have had an experience with a cop who when i went to him to solicit for help he ended up extorting me money instead…to make it worse hata mwenye alikua anandika OB alikua anataka ya macho coz ameandika a simple ob and a statement…

and another thing just because we are team uotp doesn’t mean we cannot disagree!!

Just report the matter to the police for starters

Next time hio Job nirushie but for a fee.

:D:Dafande saidia kiyana

Waste of time and false promises akizidi kutoa kakitu.

Kev anashugulika ,he’s well sorted.