Need Help, Please Read.

Hello everyone, hope you doing good.

I would like to thank the person who gave me the idea to start this thread here so that different people can read it and I might get some ideas or a good way to help.

I am a young man, I am 26 years old now, and the main issue that made me write here is to find help to find a job. Any job that will enable me to earn anything, even though the main goal is to earn an income that will help me finish my education.

For various reasons, although the main one is the lack of funds, it made me unable to finish my education, I got to form high school and could not continue because of lack of money, I went to collage to study insurance and risk management diploma because I got a job for a while but it didn’t even last. 6 months because the boss suffered from disasters so I didn’t finish it either.

I decided not to stop studying first (even though it was my wish to finish my degree but all methods failed) I entered the street to look for a job, and I have worked in several places and I was very trusted because of my abilities, I will not talk too much so that it will not be long.

But my last job ended because I suffered from a stroke for a long time and now I have recovered, but every time I try to find a job, I miss it, many of which I can and I believe I would get an education fail me.

This thing hurts me so much, my brothers, I’m really hurt, I see that those I studied with have all finished their degrees and others are doing very well, but poverty is holding me back. .

I am determined to go back to school and make sure I finish, and I will study open university so that I have the freedom to work, but I need someone to hold my hand, I don’t need money or a place to live (even if it happens, I will accept it), I need to find a job, if anyone can connect me please , whether skilled or unskilled.

This is me in a nutshell:-

  • Fluent in both English and Kiswahili.

  • Computer Literacy - I know a lot about Microsoft Programs, Excel, Publisher etc because I have worked in some place in private companies and I used them to prepare all reports, researches and annual budgets etc. Also because I started using a computer since I was young so I know many things about it.

  • I have experience working in the retail business as a cashier, stock controller, clerk, loss control manager (best award), sales (best award) and marketing as well as operations (managing retail companies) in general and I have proof of success me and the awards on this, I will not explain much unless someone needs to know more

I have worked in various jobs, in short, I can do any job even if I have never done it, as long as you give me basic instructions, i will do it in the field, business, call center jobs, cashier, I also have different business ideas that if Someone has capital and wants me to give it to him, then I will give you my ideas and not just ideas, but I have grown in the field.

-Also, even those who cannot hire me but have jobs that I can do for a commission, I am also ready, even time job is ok, like insurance, real estate agents, sales and marketing etc, that is, even if you have your own shop and I am bringing customers to you, its ok, especially electronic shops, phone shops, shoe shops, retail shops in general, yes i can do it.

Please, I am asking you to hold my hand, my father, mother, sisters and brothers, I am begging you, any terms and conditions I am ready to follow, even if someone wants to help me with the fees to finish my studies or a small amount of capital is also ok.

Again, if it’s a fee, don’t give it to me, but pay directly to the college, if capital then you will also become a part of my business as CEO and I will definitely return your expenses and profits. If it’s work, I’ll do what you want because I always deliver the best.

As my education makes me lack confidence to look for a job and the education qualification is letting me down a lot.

Please please please. My email is [email protected] or you can DM me to get my phone numbers directly.

I appreciate and thank you for reading, I also welcome comments and ideas and advice.

Apply for Hustler fund, nunua mahindi pale marikiti, makaa na jiko and just like that uko Job!

@Dr. Kerre(PhD) jamani hurumia villagers huu msimu wa sikukuu.

Chunga pharmacy will hire you as a sex slave


Lete izi ideas, tujue mbona hazikusaidii?

Juu ya kukosa capital tu, thats why nagind capital so i can use ideas.

Mtanzania atapataje Hustlerfund?

Umejua aje me ni Mtanzania

Form a group of five to ten, apply for hustler funds, mtapewa half a million namjue ni Deni. Fika kwa chief for more information.


Ok. ila my mother ni Kenyan na Baba ni Mtz, and i have ID so huenda Tz pia (ambako niko at the moment) but Naishi Ke. Nimetumia Jamii Forum for the first time mtu alinidirect, haya ukicheck profile ni new, so uko sawa pia.

mbona unakaa scam?

No, wala sio scam, thats why if you want to prove that im legit or not unaweza, sina cha kuficha, thats why i just need job not anything else, just job.

Unasema ulikua unafanya kazi? Pesa ulikua unapeleka wapi?

Nilipata stroke, ndio reason nilitumia every cent i had na kuuza vitu zangu kama furnitures nk. I dont have any option that starting from zero again. Thanks.