Need for Hacker.

Anyone who can hack into a WordPress website and delete everything?Gmail also,delete all mail and the account or takeover completrly.I need your help.ASAP

No one can, and even If I could hack Gmail and delete email or takeover, Google would pay me 10k USD or Ksh 1,013,956 for that vulnerability. So far in the whole world, no one has managed.


:D:D:Donly way ni to ask for the password… kidnap a nigga and threaten the family

There are some nation state and security actors who I’m sure can get into Gmail accounts. There are many 0 day vulnerabilities that are never announced or reported. They are ruthlessly exploited until the are fixed if ever.
Having said that, the average person does not have the resources to exploit some of these systems

How desperate are you to get to that gmail account and how much are you paying

I’m desperately seeking to have the WordPress site disabled.What’s it worth? I’m ready to pay

enda reddit unaeza pata , huku usaidizi unaeza pata ni ya kupewa malaya …


DM me

labda social engineering inaeza hapa

Ni dm kama uko serious on the wordpress site