Got into a managerial position recently and I am noticing something in the workplace with regards to working with females. Our organisation is one that emphasises on gender balance and so there is a heavy presence of ladies/women.
Whenever there is a task involving various departments/professions and ladies are heavily involved, conclusive decisions are hardly made. Defensive comments keep on getting ping ponged on mail without decisive conclusions being made.
Severally I have been in the center of such and after long irritating discussions, I table a proposal(which btw they have been skirting around) and unanimously they agree and the ball is set rolling and things move.
A similar funny incident happened the other day with almost 10 ladies and 3 dudes. After a protracted discussion(for days on mail),I proposed a solution, the IT dude assisted with the systems, and a dude from procurement effected it. Meanwhile, the noisy ladies now took a back seat as if they were never involved in the first place, waiting for the results. Funny thing is that they quickly run around especially to the bosses announcing that a solution has been found.

kwani siku hizi kombany za kenya conduct business on mail kama amerka? and how did you get into that managerial position without shamelessly taking credit for other people’s work isn’t that what managers do…

Madem wako hapo kuosha rungu na kupunguza stress. Stop nagging them with work. Use them for their intended purpose.

Otherwise in a few years, provided the company doesn’t collapse, they will be climbed above you and you will find it harder to enjoy the fruit.

Literally everything happens online these days in the corporate world!!!

Female empowerment is done at the expense of men.

@LISPY = ghaseer @MikeOck

Hii equal pay will never work because men and women are fundamentally different. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few women who outperform men in all metrics and I laud them for that. More power to them. My argument is general.

Men work harder, dominate STEM fields, are more aggressive (go-getters), do riskier jobs (mining, military etc), do more physically demanding jobs (bricklaying a.k.a mjeii), do more stressful jobs (kangez) and will therefore always deserve higher pay than women. Gender pay gap will always exist because of the unique personality and physical traits that men and women have. Even in large hotels, men work in the kitchen where all the work is, and women just serve and look nice in uniforms. I’m not going to hire a woman if she wont put in the same amount of sweat as a man would, and most women arent willing to do so in practice. That folks, is why women as a whole will never earn more than men.

Its worse in public institutions where there is gender balance and many officers. The women try to assert themselves by being argumentative and want to be in the front line when there are goodies ahead. But when the time comes for the heavy lifting, they all take a back seat

Public service unatia bidii kama nani? if they take a back seat, you take a back seat with them. Acha kujifanya punda buana

Ladies generally struggle with decision making. They invest emotions rather than logic into it.

A decision that would take you couple of minutes would take most ladies longer. Wonder why they take longer changing or getting dressed?
Even shopping is a whole process instead of straight forward affair of picking from the shelf, na kudrop kwa basket.
Observe when ladies are involved in minor accidents vs men. The latter would resolve it in a few minutes. Many ladies will rely on their hobbies and Male kin to resolve it, or generally take longer.
Close by my kibanda, a couple of ladies meet weekly to grow their chama. Normally, their meetings take a couple of minutes, 30 tops.
But when decisions have to be made, even on simple issues such as “when to withdraw money from their accounts”…that meeting will drag on for two hours.

Kabisa. They will want all the privileges attached to positions of power but with the least of effort and ownership of responsibilities.

To be fair women dominate certain fields also. Any field involving matters regarding small babies, elderly people or incapacitated people is 90% females in that area. Men simply don’t have the patience to deal with such people. Tuheshimiane tu na wao cause we both need each other

When my wife was giving birth, she lauded some male midwifes for their professional duty and concern.
Generally I think men take their duties more seriously and professionally. You would expect Chief Chefs to be mostly women due to their closeness to cooking. But due to the professionality required in big hotels, women hardly feature among the top cream.

nilijipata hali hii once , found a way of countering…REPORTS!!!..Once a solution was developed, i wrote a detailed report on how the solution was developed clearly detailing who did what. of course its the males who stood out. hapo mwishowe nikadunga katactic fulani with a statement ’ the following effectively played the role of general auxiliary duty in the project’ and listed the names(all females). of course kulikuwa na kivumbi with story za gender balance being mailed around(they like putting bosses on cc) na mimi nikajibu on pia on cc mode, for team members not satisfied with role representation as expressed in the report, please email your actual duty contributions to me by end of business so that the report can be redone accordlingly. …no email came through!..and mysteriously the females avoided any team work where i was lead.


we only need females for reproducing

I saw that Equity robbery where the male officer was being manhandled by the robbers while the female was running up and down…wtf is this gender equality nonsense supposed to accomplish exactly?

The fields they dominate don’t pay as much and are less demanding intellectually and physically.

Spend years watering the poison ivy and pissing on the roses, then wonder what happened to the beautiful garden

Women say they are repulsed by gay men(feminine energy) yet they want men to entertain masculine women.