Right now, am fantasizing about how soft your ass is, how your scent is between the mammaries, the texture of your bush, the warmth of your lips on my…

Damn, gal, yur killin’ a bruh (ha ha ha ha ha, did I just do that?)

A lazy Sunday and low temperatures can do things to an old man…


:smiley: @FieldMarshal CouchP = @Nefertities


Aye Fossil, some time back (not that long from your perspective) on Klist you used the same lines on Frisson. Did you ever get laid?

Concerned Curator.


:D:D:D please tell me this old niccur isn’t gon’ post my pics and expose me here like @ekamsweu and the rest of the niccurs do. I may have to meet him with a mask and a voice modulator underneath that mask to protect my identity.

I also noticed that one of the questions asked in the KTalk Entry Exam is about a poor gal who gave one of ya’ll some and was exposed :frowning:

Warrr Girl…lemmie pull a stool niskize . …story

You should wrap yourself with your linen bandages and lock yourself in your Sarcophagus… Awwwwww! You two are a match made in furking hell…

A Mummy and a Fossil sitting in a museum K.I.S…


lol @Purr_27 don’t tell me you ain’t never seen that question about a girl who gave it up. These niccurs be outchea exchanging notes! I ain’t goin’ out like that! nuh uh

oh snap! I’m guessin’ this is the reckoning you promised me in the morning then … deep breathe. ok, I’m ready :smiley:

Your wife doesnt give you a boner anymore @couch kiazi?

did you just call yourself a shemale


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I prefer administering small doses over an extended period of time. Be at ease.

When you least expect it, that’s when I’ll strike.

Hizi low temperatures ndio hupita na tumzee.


Huyu already alikufa in the first iceage hii si kitu kwake.


well damn! I ain’t know you was that mad ¯_(ツ)_/¯

No 6 na 10…[ATTACH=full]11638[/ATTACH]

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Me mad? No. No. No.

And here we see two corpses engaged in a morbid mating ritual. The ancient male Fossiliutus coachpotatoiatis awkwardly stalks the much younger Female Mummifiutis nefertities. It’s a sickening sight, but…

Read in David Attenborough’s voice.


Aye, Maggie. Your tits are beautiful and your eyes something something… lets fornicate.

FMCP stick to victorian women achia akina nefertities sisi you are crowding the field she wont be patient with ur athritis


lol ok