Ndo huyu mwingine wa placard anataka mzungu

By the same token




not a problem, she can always plead temporary insanity :D:D:D:D

Singo matha of 3,:cool::cool::cool:

Walami wanapenda gari imekula mileage…classics:D:D

Lovita Ndanu Muia

Feminism effect,
Our young girls don’t want to start small.

If i had children and single.I would not bother looking for a partner.

At 27 years with 3 kids that’s some serious mileage that has been achieved.

3 children na bado anachagua mwanaume anataka??

Huu umalaya umezidi sasa. ati kinataka mzungu baada ya kuzaa na ngozi nyeusi fakof!

There is this musician by the name of akothee.I read somewhere that she has i think 7 or 8 children from different fathers and she is searching for someone.

street ya placard-holders ifunguliwe. Ukiamka asubuhi unataka bibi unaenda huko kuona ni nani wamesimama hiyo siku.
Strategically standing behind a Greek diplomat’s car. In business its all about Location… location… location 36CD

like scoring a D- and screaming to JAB how one wants to become a doctor

She is the queen of white baby daddies battalion. It’s surprising though why she would be looking for someone despite all the white cocks that have drilled her

Straight outta Sabina Joy

na brown dude anaweza make???


Hakuna kitu kama brown or light skin dude.It’s either you are black or white.

Is she looking for companionship or just someone to raise her kids

but am nt black