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[SIZE=5]Death By Sawing[/SIZE]

A method apparently used in parts of Europe and Asia, the body is held upside down, and then sawn in half, starting at the waist. With the body being inverted, there is enough blood in the brain to keep the person alive long enough to feel and suffer until the saw gets into their abdomen. Rough. And believe it or not, we’ve started light…


This form of execution was made famous during the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts. Giles Corey was believed to be a witch, so they put him between two large boards, and kept adding weight as a form of torture, to try and get him to confess to being a witch. Because, obviously, he wasn’t a witch, he never confessed, and while they were piling more and more on top of him, his last words were apparently “more weight”.


We’ve all heard about JC dying on the cross, but not many people realise just how common this method of death was. The Romans were mad for it. Sometimes they were nailed to the cross, other times they were tied to it. The death would be slow, painful and drawn out, lasting days and even weeks. You can look on the bright side of life all you want when you’re up there, it’s still going to be horrific.

[SIZE=5]Bamboo Torture And Execution[/SIZE]

It’s starting to get a bit more grim now… After WWII stories circulated about Japanese soldiers using this method of torture and execution on prisoners of war.

The person is secured over a young bamboo shoot. Bamboo grows quickly and is powerful, and the sharp shoot will push up, into the flesh of the prisoner, and will keep going until it pops through on the other side.

Mythbusters tested the legend, and concluded that it is possible, and likely to be true.

Bamboo is still used as a torture method today, as shoots of it are forced into the fingers, underneath the nails… Which made me wince as I typed it.


[SIZE=5]Lingchi (Slow Slicing)[/SIZE]

This Chinese punishment was only outlawed at the turn of the 20th century, and is brutally harsh. Basically, the executioner slices and cuts off small parts of the person’s body, while keeping them alive, so they suffer and feel the pain, until eventually, they die. Cutting at digits, then limbs, then the torso, it was rather methodical… And fucking ruthless.

[SIZE=5]The Judas Cradle.[/SIZE]

This probably inspired some Saw movies. Bordering on impalement, this method is a royal pain in the arse. The victim is sat on top of the pyramid, then pulled down by ropes, until the pyramid goes up their bum, slowly and painfully. Seeing as the devices were never watched, even if you somehow survived the torture, the inevitable infections would.

[SIZE=5]The Spanish Donkey or the “Wooden Horse”[/SIZE]

Something similar to the Judas Cradle and a favourite of the Spanish Inquisition, particularly for women offenders. However, this method was used as recently as early colonial America. The victim would ride the top of the wedge, which could also contain several spikes. Weights were generally placed on the ankles, to add to the pain. Death was rare unless spikes were added, so other tortures would continue after the wooden horse.

[SIZE=5]Buried Alive[/SIZE]

A pretty simple method, but obviously very effective. It’s pretty much my worst nightmare, and the main reason I want to be cremated. The victim is buried alive, unsurprisingly, and usually in a coffin, so they don’t die from being crushed or suffocation, and have the torment of being alive inside the box. The most recent example of this is the Nanking Massacre in 1937, where Japanese soldiers buried Chinese civilians.

[SIZE=5]Rat Torture[/SIZE]

Recently shown in Game Of Thrones, this one has been around for some time. A metal bucket is strapped around the person’s lower abdomen, with a rat inside. The bottom of the bucket is then heated up, and the rat’s natural instinct is to flee from the heat, so it starts to burrow into the victim. Painful and slow, it sounds horrific.

[SIZE=5]Flaying Alive[/SIZE]

Another one to feature in Game Of Thrones is being flayed alive. Or ‘skinned’ as it basically means. The victim’s skin is removed from their body, while alive. It can start at several places on the body, and the aim is to remove the skin in one whole piece. The main reasons for death with this are shock, severe loss of blood, hypothermia and infections. It looks a bit sore.


A favourite of the ancient Persians, Scaphism is one hell of a torturous death. The victim gets stripped naked, then placed between two narrow rowing boats, or a similar setup using a barrel or hollowed out trees, with their head and limbs poking out of the sides. They are then force-fed milk and honey, until the inevitable diarrhoea kicks in. More honey is then poured on them to attract insects.

They are then left to rot, either in a stagnant pond, or in the baking sun, with insects attracted to the body, eating at it, and reproducing within the flesh. Death would be very slow, and very, very painful. It came about mainly by dehydration, starvation and septic shock. Fuck that.

Anyway, sorry for that

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The Blood Eagle:
First the intended victim would be restrained, face down; next, the shape of an eagle with outstretched wings would be cut into his back. After that, his ribs would be hacked from his spine with an ax, one by one, and the bones and skin on both sides pulled outward to create a pair of “wings” from the man’s back. The victim, it is said, would still be alive at this point to experience the agony of what Turner terms “saline stimulant”—having salt rubbed, quite literally, into his vast wound. After that, his exposed lungs would be pulled out of his body and spread over his “wings,” offering witnesses the sight of a final bird-like “fluttering” as he died.

These are all bad news i cant read all to the end. nimewachia hapo kwa Yesu

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tafuta breast extractor uongeze hapo…and to imagine the catholic church was one of the major utilizers of this technology…

Alafu kuna huu msee Vlad. He is the inspiration behind dracula. Check out his methods too.

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Yeah. Crude punishments. Kuna ingine walikuwa wanatorture nayo slaves who dared escape in the South.

hehehe. here is more that will leave you squirming in your seat


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Head Crusher


With the head placed under the upper cap and the chin placed above the bottom bar, the top screw of this awful device was slowly turned, compressing the skull tightly. First the teeth are destroyed, shattering and splintering into the jaw. Then the eyes are squeezed from the sockets – some versions had special receptacles to catch them. Lastly, the skull fractures and the contents of the head are forced out. In earlier stages, the torturer could keep the head firmly clamped and strike the metal skull cap periodically; each blow echoing pain throughout the victim’s body.


The Cat’s Paw (or Spanish Tickler) was oftentimes attached to a handle; in size and appearance it was an extension of the torturer’s hand. In this way it was used to rip and tear flesh away from the bone, from any part of the body.


A popular torture device during the Inquisition, the knee splitter does what it says: split victims’ knees and render them useless. Built from two spiked wood blocks, the knee splitter is placed on top of and behind the knee of its victims. Two large screws connecting the blocks are then turned, causing the two blocks to close towards each other and effectively destroy a victim’s knee. This device could also be used to inflict damage on other parts of the body such as the arms.


The Scavenger’s Daughter was invented as an instrument of torture in the reign of Henry VIII by Sir William Skevington (also known as William Skeffington), Lieutenant of the Tower of London. It was an A-frame shaped metal rack to which the head was strapped to the top point of the A, the hands at the mid-point and the legs at the lower spread ends; swinging the head down and forcing the knees up in a sitting position so compressed the body as to force the blood from the nose and ears. The Scavenger’s Daughter was conceived as the perfect complement to the Duke of Exeter’s Daughter (the rack) because it worked the opposite principle to the rack by compressing the body rather than stretching it.


This procedure has remained essentially unchanged from the Middle Ages until today. The victim is hoisted up and lowered onto the point of the pyramid in such a way that his weight rests on the point positioned in the anus, in the vagina, under the scrotum or under the coccyx (the last two or three vertebrae). The executioner, according to the pleasure of the interrogators, can vary the pressure from zero to that of total body weight. The victim can be rocked, or made to fall repeatedly onto the point. The Judas cradle was thus called also in Italian (culla di Giuda) and German (Judaswiege), but in French it was known as la veille, “the wake” or “nightwatch”. Nowadays this method enjoys the favour of not a few governments in Latin America and elsewhere, with and without improvements like electrified waist rings and pyramid points. Similar to the Judas Chair – but probably worse, is the Spanish Donkey:


The Spanish Donkey was a device which consisted of a main board cut with a wedge at the top fastened to two cross-beams. The naked victim was placed astride the main board as if riding a donkey, and various numbers of weights were attached to his or her feet. The agony could be ‘fine-tuned’ by using lighter or heavier weights. Sources relate that on occasion, the wedge would slice entirely through the victim as a result of the immense weight attached to his or her feet.


These instruments were used in oral and rectal formats, and in the larger vaginal one. They are forced into the mouth, rectum or vagina of the victim and there expanded by force of the screw to the maximum aperture of the segments. The inside of the cavity in question is irremediably mutilated, nearly always fatally so. The pointed prongs at the end of the segments serve better to rip into the throat, the intestines or the cervix. The oral pear was often inflicted on heretical preachers, but also on lay persons guilty of unorthodox tendencies; the rectal pear awaited passive male homosexuals, and the vaginal one women guilty of sexual union with Satan or his familiars. Pictured above is a version of the choke pear called the “Pear of Anguish”.


The lead sprinkler was essentially a ladle on the end of a handle. The top half of the sphere could be removed and the lower half was filled with molten metal, boiling oil, boiling water, pitch or tar. The perforated top half was then re-attached. Shaking or flicking the sprinkler towards the victim showered him or her with the boiling contents of the ladle. The victim had, of course, been pinioned in advance.


This item was used both as a punitive and an interrogational device. Punitively, it was used red-hot to mark the breast of unmarried mothers. In an inquisitory nature it was used on condemned women – convicted of heresy, blasphemy, adultery, self-induced abortion, erotic white magic and any other crime that the inquisitors selected. The claws were used, either cold or heated, on a female’s exposed breasts – rendering them into bloody pulps. A variation was called the Spider. This consisted of clawed bars which protruded from the wall. A woman was pulled alongside the bars until her breasts were torn away.


The crocodile shears was an instrument of torture used in late medieval Europe and typically reserved for regicides – those who attempted (and, perhaps, succeeded) to assassinate the king. The shears were made of iron and were based upon the concept of pincers, but—instead of standard jaws or blades, crocodile shears ended in a pair of hemicylindrical blades that, when closed together, formed a long, narrow tube. The insides of the blades were generously lined with teeth or spikes. After being heated red-hot, the crocodile shears were applied to the erect penis, which—once exposed to sufficient tension—was torn from the prisoner’s body; or at the very least leading to severe arterial bleeding.


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