Ndio hii official world history ; then we track all human migrations through genes & haplogroups ..etc.... this is gold...( all youths kujeni )

All history from day one going back thousands of years iko hapa , short notes or researching is recommended… below that is an illustration going 5000 years back from leo , or 3300 years before jesus was created by kina constantine pale 1AD or 2000 years ago (third star huko chini on the photo )

… if you are a negroe hater or a muzungu in black skin , some of your fellow few lucky wazungu got their first civilisation pale bronze age (minoan civilisation) , second star…remember crete is next to egypt… mambo ya egypt mnajua…



hii photo is based on official europeanised history…


@patco , @johntez addi gaza msafi make some free time and learn my sons



My brother haven’t you seen Germans lamenting this past week. The smartest humans around, the best engineers, the perfectionists of all perfectionists have been turned upside down by one flood.

And you still doubt that there is a powerful God, the creator of man?

I saw the very latest Mercedes Benz S class being tossed about in the water like a toy and then smashed against a wall. It is all vanity. Ancient German villages, meticulously maintained were flooded with mud and sewage. They had no answer. They just stood back and watched, with their engineering degrees and PhDs.

Even Egypt was like that. Covered in gold. The richest and smartest civilization to ever conquer the earth. They became vain and proud.

God crashed that empire into dust. You have to remove the dust and sand to uncover the Egyptian ruins.

You live to see other people suffer, don’t you? Little twat!

this is not about religion , this is pure history, the historical wisdom here is crazy … peleka siasa kiambaa

Religion is created so we existed as human beings

Mlizaliwa juzi, mmesoma juzi… don’t you know that God ordered your birth.

Na bado mnabishana na yeye ati juu mlisomea campus… and yet mmemkuta papa hapa. He created you from nothingness. Simple gametes. You were smaller than bacteria. Now because you can walk and breath and talk you think you know everything. :smiley:

[SIZE=7]which god ?[/SIZE][SIZE=4] …mzungu jesus ? …the god of our colonisers ? …emporer constantine’s mind game ? chinese opium ?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]…by the way , hata sijui john stuart mill ni nani ?[/SIZE]




[SIZE=5]John Stuart Mill (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)[/SIZE]
http://plato.stanford.edu › entries › mill

25 Aug 2016 — John Stuart Mill (1806–73) was the most influential English language philosopher of the nineteenth century. He was a naturalist, …

@patco , this mill guy died in 1873 , so this is cr*p he said hio era… kwa hivyo usiseme sijui BLM , ama oooh left wing US democrats agenda…


religion is the opium of the masses

God is the creator and owner of the universe. Read the book of Daniel to see the Bible’s prophecy about the rise and fall of kingdoms. Revelation continues the story

Religion ni bhangi ya wafuasi

…all kingdoms and civilisations rise and fall… thats easy to predict , right now jubilee is falling …we all saw it coming…

…we are here to learn about the migration of human beings from the cradle of mankind , not to discuss religion…

[SIZE=6]@patco & @ChifuMbitika stop derailling this thread with your zionist agenda…[/SIZE]