Ndao amebeba wana choir







Stupid Tanzanians.


Kuna hiyo video hapo juu that was embedded from facebook showing Maasai wa TZ.

nimeiona, halafu ama ina nini?

:D:D:D:D. Kula carrot gathee.

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by the way ndiyo nakula, ikiwa na malenge, peas, kanyama kadogo, chapo ya brown, spinach na guacamole…

I dont see anything strange in this video, this is a very polite case, this guy must have beef with the cops, probably he refused to oil the system. All this manenos of sijui goats, overloading is very normal. You should see the old land rovers that travel from the villages to the markets with guys perched on top.


Hehe kwani wewe pia ni wakina @owuadn

Nope, but Tz is one huge game reserve dotted with a few towns and you are bound to see lots of unorthodox ways of doing things once you leave the main roads and as you go towards more remote places. Its the equivalent of traffic police arresting truck drivers for loading passengers together with livestock in the other Kenya (Isiolo-outwards to Moyale, Marsabit, Garisa …