Nazeeka, I seek advice

Kwa wale wazito wako na time, I want to make a diet.

The axiom that let food be your medicine and your medicine your food echos in me.

I have to confess that whenever you win in the supreme Court, an impossible triumph bila kuwahonga. It does strike me how they arrested the doc and held him till they murdered him.

I want to discover what our brother had that they literally executed him at 82+

Any elders with useful input. I personally don’t trust the fckers they call doktori because they were my stupid classmates and haven’t been improved to my liking.

That said. What say you about food as medicine and medicine as food.


I will make point of following up on this one and will share what I come up with.

All inputs are highly valued on this one.

The death of nippsy and left eye may have nada to do with this.

I honestly believe that:

That for any scientist who truly seeks the truth, he has to make himself an enemy of everything that they tell him: Ibn al haytham paraphrased

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Very simple… pharmaceutical companies would have gone out of business.

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Big Pharma is one of the largest cartels in the world making sure they have lifetime customers by keeping people sick.

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