Navigation issues

Hello villagers, i’ve noted that the issue with navigation has been raised a lot and that most new members are having difficulty, most are familiar with the single list style where all content is listed in the order in which it was created.This is a valid concern, on the other hand i would like to state that User interface and navigation takes some time to understand and get used to and we can’t have everything the way klist used to have it.Nevertheless this is your community and as such you get to decide what works for you, so please take your time and vote for what feature appeals to you most.

people will get used to it, kama hawataki waende…

Have a single list with labels(Forum category name),Cut the empty white space between the posts and the “latest on post details”

Why not both?

The default view on the homepage should be “new posts”, with all the listings.

The user can click on categories as he/she wishes


@vuja de that’s an excellent suggestion

Maintain this but add a page for all like nairaland.Com

navigation iko sawa venye iko…
toa tu option ya thumbnails kwa ku upload picha… bakisha full image…

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Kila kitu iko sawa @admin , if i got used to it anybody can.

[SIZE=4]Single forum[/SIZE] priss

kura itaisha lini? hatutaki rigging… single forum squad.

Single is ok with me even though I can navigate my way to hell and back.

single form increases the activity of posting


Check what Ilovekenya have arranged their interface. Single line at the homepage then categories tittles at the top.

This is neither ilovekenya or get used to the interface if you use it for a while…if you want single line then just click the ‘new posts’ link at the top…

^^ But at times it is good to benchmark in order to obtain best industry practices. But again, I apreciate coz never had I tried the new posts icon. Methinks it has solved the issue.

“Kanu ina wenyewe”

Unataka mayatima twende wapi,klist style ndio tunataka.

I like the way it is now.
People have to learn new things.
We Africans hate changes and new things always scare us to death that is why we stick to old politicians.

IEBC naona iko compromised so fanya vile Vuja anasema


i hope admin will look into this issue