navigating post-delivery period

about a month ago we were blessed with a bouncing baby girl…a great delight to our family. shida imeanza upande wangu coz now the dryspell has began to bite hard, and am told 2 more months before I can inspect the scene of crime.

its like now am beginning to notice random gals as I walk in town…they seem to have suddenly become too beautiful and sexy, kwanza when the panty is exposed kidogo it just messes me up. I have never strayed but I have been imagining abt some gals who had been making passes at me and now evil thoughts just fill my mind, and it gets worse by the day. infact I passed by river road three days ago in the evening as akina @Female Perspective were parading their wares and I kept thinking ‘si hata maji chafu huzima moto’?

nevertheless everytime I get close to making a call to any would-be ikus donor I fear to be found out…infact I hear the words of the famous relationship spy ‘good evening, welcome to another episode of cheaters, im joey greco…’ and this sends chills down my spine…serious paranoia.

gentlemen, how did you navigate this period of waiting? is it normal to get this horny? for those who tasted forbidden waters, did you feel this paranoid?

Moses chapter 4 verse five , always be faithful to your wife till death do you part . amen .

:D:D:D:Dthis is a big joke

I’m here for you @Hydra

Ambia bibi

Am going through the same, my local@Female Perspective has sorted me right. Tafuta lakini kadame sio Maliar

Do you know evil son?
Evil is when you intend to beat a person to death with a dildo (you must have stolen the dildo since men don’t buy such)

hehe itabidi umepata usaiidizi kutoka nje…remember pressure kills.

Na pia after 2 months unaweza enda kuingia uskie bado haijarudi form kabisa, forcing you to wait for another month or so. Tafuta 3K uone @FP

Nunua high density mattress alafu udunge kashimo uijaze blue band and you’re good to go lakini uchunge friction otherwise msedes itakuwa crispy brown.

Why are you having to wait for 3 months unless it was a complicated Kiserian section I don’t get it.

Anyway, you need to step up and be more helpful. Tell her to take a nap while you look after the baby. Cook for her, help with the diaper changes, the house work etc…
Tell her how sexy she looks…
That should reassure her and,
Before you know it, she’ll want to make love to you again.



As secession to Raila…

There’s three options if you don’t want to cheat.

  1. Pray with all your might and whenever those feelings come, read the bible…but even David cheated. :D:D:D
  2. Ask madam to give you head…the mouth still works fine cause she can eat. ヽ(´ー`)┌
  3. Self service- hand and lotion.:slight_smile:

I thought sex is not just penetration. Those are few among many ways to skin a cat.

what happened to creativity and being kinky in the bedroom…hata masikio ni shimo

Yeah, si lazima kukuwe na penetration- ndio namwambia watumie mdomo na mikono. Wakuwe adventurous. Hii ya kuingiwa maskio nimeiskia tu in Family Guy na wewe:D:D:D I can’t imagine how that works.

Hydra wants an excuse to cheat. I have come to understand men much more since joining Ktalk. A man and a woman who have just had a new baby should be vvv busy but instead, he is busy here looking for validation to cheat on her. He is seeking the validation because he knows deep down it is wrong and he won’t like the feeling afterwards.

Hydra…go ahead and shag. Pls tell us how it will feel. You have been told there are ways you can be satisfied sexually even with your wife maybe not able to ‘accomodate you’.

Forgot to add…‘ME ME ME ME ME’ syndrome sorely owned by some selfish Kenyan dudes. Did she say she is not missing sex or you just assumed you are the only one?

Cut the guy some slack. The guy has gone for sometime without a release and naturally it makes a man horny. For me a week feels like forever so I feel his pain.
Just try to offer him some helpful advice instead of guilt tripping him.

Ya man:D…put in the Jamaican Accent…ya maan… a week is hard wek? perv you are…he was offered options. What can I offer from 10, 000 miles away…