Naughty By Nature -Craziest ....siyo niatia!!!

ad mNaughty By Nature: Craziest
My favorite of their songs. 90s had some good rappers!
“fuck astronauts I’m rocking…next time I see you riding my shit I’m in your pocket…”.
Despite them being one of my very favorite hip hop group, an interesting sequence of events once played out. So this is in Arifjan Kuwait circa. 2009 and we were lazily walking to the BX with one of my home boyz…so we passed a certain group of people, three of whom were wearing the “Government Employee GS version of military uniform”. Being a base, I didn’t thing much of it; so I got inside the store and got a bunch of candy like stuff for a sugar rush, being one of those under the weather days. One thing that had me puzzled my mind subconsciously; the walking styles; government employees almost NEVER bounce!! but I muttered to myself…oh well whatever…When we were exiting, One military lady quickly ran to the group and took a selfie standing in front of them. StilI thought not much of this.Then after we had left, not sure what trajectory the conversation took, but he eventually uttered so you see like those Naughty By Nature fellaz from the store blah blah blah…I was like be damed! One of my favorite and it slid under; just because of the uniforms they wore…Good times
They were en route to Afghanistan for a concert for the deployed troops. Over the years, many known musicians used to pass through Afrijan, for some Kuwait, or else Afghan/Iraq concerts…when the Iraq and Afghan wars were all over the news.

hii ni nini nv?


You gotta have a little splash of gumption when presented an artist and a song name, notwithstanding any white space based anomalies that may confound a copy n paste of a URL…or are you of the ilk that basks blissfully on their laurels in anticipation of manna from heaven?