Nature vs Nurture

Oskar Stohr and Jack Yufe were identical twins, separated shortly after birth. Oskar was raised as a Catholic and a Nazi. Jack grew up as a Jew.

These were two men with the exact same genes–they shared the same egg in their mother’s womb. At the time they were born in 1933, their Jewish father and German mother were close to divorce. Within six months, the mother left for Germany, taking Oskar with her, leaving Jack with his father in Trinidad.

The Minnesota Twins Study was being conducted by Thomas Bouchard at the time.

Bouchard was studying twins who were separated early in their lives and brought up in different environments. This struck a chord with Jack–he thought of the study as a good way to try to develop his strained relationship with his twin.

Jack contacted Bouchard, and Bouchard soon brought the two together in Minnesota.

When they arrived and met at the airport, Jack and Oskar both wore wire-rimmed glasses, mustaches, and two-pocket shirts with epaulets. Over the course of the week-long study, the two men discovered that they had much more in common than they had thought twenty-five years prior. They both liked spicy foods and sweet liqueurs, dipped buttered toast in their coffee, and flushed the toilet before and after using it. They both excelled at sports, had trouble with math, and had tendencies to fall asleep in front of the television. They even had the same habit of storing rubber bands on their wrists.

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Nature wins…

Quite interesting.

Now, who was it that was arguing that personality is not inborn?

Nature is powerful…we are hardwired in some way.

One looks a little haggard though.