Natural aphrodisiacs

Where can I get natural aphrodisiacs? Name? Cost? Location? Side effects if any?

Hope hautaenda kushika mbuzi? (your avatar betrays you:D)
Ongea ni yule Masai utaona anapita na kibuyu iko na reddish liquid concoction.


Is that ‘reddish’ concoction aphrodisiac? :confused: I’m just anticipating a marathon. and I want to be ready.

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Uliza @Web Dev vile alifanya. He had the same issue too.

Yule jamaa alikuwa anaulizia biashara ya mbuzi yuko wapi? Chungana na watu kama @Conservative dude .

The biggest favour you could do yourself is to relax.


@Female Perspective has what she calls sex foods, ask her for the recipes

Kula Nyugu

For the sake of clarification, I have no issues raising Jacob from sleep. :slight_smile:


Thank you, but I’m specifically asking for aphrodisiacs.

@Female Perspective cum here:D

…by wanking round 1:D


Hii ndio nini sasa?

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squeeze the Lizard for the first round hehehe

Wanking has a long-term effect on sexual appetite. It can reach a point where you are offered kanyau but you can’t raise Jacob from sleep. If you didn’t know, habari ndio hiyo.

That makes a guy last longer in the successive rounds, but it does not increase sexual appetite in the long term. Got the point?

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Eat well and exercise. Nothing else.

My top sex foods!
Garlic…I mix 1/2 gloves with some honey. Swallow like medicine no bad breathe
Dark chocolate (70-85%) I have a bar in my bedroom, kitchen and car.
Strawberries… Mostly I drizzle some honey carry them to work or snack on them at night. (I love strawberry mojitos)
Almonds- I add them to my cereals
Maca powder- Also for my cereals
Eggs boilo- very good for cumload
Once in a while I buy yogurt for my pussy!
I do these foods at once a week… This explains my insatiable sex appetite ni mukio utadhiraga!


Am really praying for you that you get a good aphrodisiac that works, an also praying that you take it on the appointed date at an early hour so that it takes effect. Then an really praying hard your target fails to turn up. Ndio uwache hiyo ujinga uko nayo.

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That would make a nice hekaya :D. Back to the topic, I would like your suggestions.

And destruct your mind by thinking about other things. I find that i last longer when i divert my mind to the problems i am having e.g Bills, Direct debits (works everytime). Anza kujiuliza stima unalipa lini, rent/mortgage uko upto date etc. ,gari inahitaji service lini…Basically all financial problems will always help keep your mind off the moist,warmth of a nice pussy.
If that doesnt work,then you can start to imagine how many other niggers have been right where you are right NOW!!! If that doesnt turn you off then it can only make you cum faster and it makes you one sad,sick in the head kind of nigga!

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