It is surprising that some inferior humans are incapable of thinking, reasoning, analysing and assessing, even to save their own lives.

A simple activity like shopping for a phone requires evaluation and constructive criticism; where you assess various makes and models of different companies and realize and acknowledge faults in their designs and specs. All this in order to identify the best product for your money’s worth.
In the event where your product under-performs and fails to deliver i.e overheating battery, poor camera, lagging ram, e.t.c, constructive criticism should follow.

Such is the practice of all logical minds to almost every aspect of life whether simple or complex like buying a car, a house, choosing a marriage partner or CHOOSING LEADERS. Anyone operating on different illogical grounds is nothing less than an idiot, imbecile and a waste of human flesh.

It is a sad affair that Jayden has sunk the country into massive debt with absolutely nothing to account for. He took office with the national debt being at 1.8 trillion and the debt has since quadrupled.
A default is eminent and the aftermath will include a dwindling economy, inflation, recession, EXTREME POVERTY and much more.

The drunkard has also failed to attain any of his big 4 agendas. In simple terms the man is a colossal failure. His only achievement is a successful directive to impeach a governor based on his personal interests: a total dimwit who is unable to tolarate those holding different opinions from his own.

So basically Ohulu is like a second hand infinix with an overhearting battery, charging port issue, poor camera quality, sub-standard processor, faulty mouth piece and a non-resposive LCD.
What is surprising is that the consumers fail to air constructive criticism of this awfully deficient and incompetent piece of infinix junk; all in the name of tribal affiliation. Foolish and brainless twats.
Instead they worship him like a demi god and follow everything he says like it is the gospel.

It is baffling how stupid people can actually be. Are they born stupid or do they acquire stupidity? This is something I’d really like to know.

I don’t deny that Looto would probably do a worse job due to his insatiable greed and lack of empathy as that is part of the analysis and evaluation I was talking about earlier…something which these neanderthals are incapable of.

In conclusion, a wise man once said that don’t hate what you can’t change, instead learn to live with it. So I have accepted our fate: that we are living among foolish neanderthals. Trying to speak sense to them is like talking to a tree or wall, a complete waste of time of time and effort.

Political sycofancy and tribalism = Brainlessness chimpanzee behaviour
Sorry chimpanzees actually have nore sense


Kama ni story ya Neanderthal, you would’ve inboxed @Azor Ahai na Her Highness @Finest wine , hao ndio huwa nahizo genes. Light skinned . Yawa.


@Azor Ahai ni @kush yule mnono?

@Kush adungu shares ancestry with this guy.


Neanderthal genes are not in africans… We are 100% homo sapien .

Ongea kama mtu ameenda shule bwana Neanderthal. Nyinyi ndo naongelea apo juu…tumewakubali lakini


A wise man once said: If you view everybody as crazy, you are the one who is insane.

Allow me to DECONSTRUCT your MUNDANE analysis.

Your rant is centered around Jayden and his failures, which by the way we are already aware of: unprecedented debt, Big 4 agenda debacle, dwindling economy etc. We have all witnessed this therefore you’re essentially reiterating clichés.

Unless you live under a rock, you will remember that Jayden’s re-election was nullified by the Supreme Court. Why was this the case Mr. Advanced Human Being?

If the elections were to be held fairly, without compromise and manipulation do you think Jayden would be the Head Of State?

The beauty of life is freedom. Freedom of choice, speech, movement. So quit referring to people as inferior humans, neanderthals, Foolish and brainless twats.

Unless you are immune to mistakes then you are also, as you put it, an INFERIOR HUMAN BEING.

Wahenga walinena kwamba NYANI HAONI KUNDULE. You are the case study of that proverb.

We are pure sapiens. That’s why we are not greatly affected by the Coronavirus unlike the white people

About 200 words with absolutely no bullet point. Why are you wasting words?

I forgot to point out in my psychoanalysis of the sub-human neanderthals that they are not only unreceptive to logic and reasoning, but they also try to justify their nonsense with senseless and foolish arguments.

I have tried my best to use a very simple analogy and have compared Jayden to an underperforming second hand phone which wrongfully recieves praise and allulations from it’s user(s). It is astonishing that you fail to see any sense. People like you with low IQ are too much of sycophants to see beyond their damn noses. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Anytime you fail to air constructive criticism to anything underperforming in your life it means you are either bewitched or plainly damn stupid.

Yes, there is freedom. But there is no freedom to be foolish. Borrow a brain and reason outside tribal affiliations bwana neanderthal. Ohh I almost forgot, it is beyond your capability.

:D:D Mungu anisamehe

[SIZE=5]The whole of 2020 @Jimit alikuwa pale kwa Technology section akiuliza maswali za kiujinga kama, “If I buy phone X from Xiaomi instead of phone Y will I save 250 or 323 shillings?”

“Fellow talkers with that 323 shillings can I buy a toothbrush or a flatscreen TV?!”

December ilifika na nugu bado haijaamua ni simu gani inanunua. The model he was asking about in January went out of stock by December!

If that is the bonobo logic you want Uhuru to use then I beg to differ.[/SIZE]

This coming from the local Afroconscious activist.:rolleyes:

Mr. Cockroach nmekuunblock ukaona usiwaste time ata kidogo uanze kuninyonya mboro immediately. Back to the abyss I send you Mr. Toad Cockroach Faggot.

Ok, assume umebuy gari mtumba…a month down the line imeanza all types of issues, underperforming like crazy. What will be your reaction? You will air constructive criticism where applicable.

Lakini si ati juu ulibuy hio gari area flani unaendelea kuisifu iki underperform. Ati uki iona moyo inabubujika buju buju. Ukiwa na mabeste zako unaipigia campaign vile ni gari inaweza mbaya. Hio ni sycophancy inspired by tribalism ndugu yangu.


Your AMATEUR analysis is flawed.

Mine are not arguments, they are FACTS. There’s no denying that Jayden is an irredeemable failure. I posed a question in my first response but you dodged it due to DENIAL and PANIC. If we were to turn back the heads of time and hold the elections, but this time FAIRLY, without interference, would your beloved Jayden emerge the victor?

You think the masses voted for Jayden in the previous election?

The following is by far your most ABSURD statement: Anytime you fail to air constructive criticism to anything underperforming in your life it means you are either bewitched or plainly damn stupid.

Learn to apply LOGIC and COMMON SENSE instead of reasoning like a PIT LATRINE.

If you have any evidence of election rigging go present it before a court of law.

Once again, it is buffling how you fail to understand simple rationale. Give reasonable cause why you find my statement absurd? Is it because it is beyond your understanding you dimwit? Which is your logic and common sense? Put it in ink.

Tribalists like you are sub human idiots not fit to lick the soles of my shoes. Find someone with sense to help you interpret. However, you will still not understand because it is beyond your thinking capacity.

Wah! Even if it attends Harvard, kweli NG’OMBE NI ILE ILE.

The foreskin can’t even spell BAFFLING?!?

@pomegeymates, you are a mere PSEUDOINTELLECTUAL. You want to pretend there were no irregularities in the previous election??? :D:D:D

Chief, if you fail to acknowledge FACTS and apply LOGIC then YOU are the APEX NEANDERTHAL!

Does your head even contain a functioning BRAIN? I highly DOUBT. Most likely nonsense theses such as the ones that you have stated above!

Hii KenyaTalk iko na mambo kweli!


Typical sub human dimwit, typo naona inaku-amaze. Yenyewe being foolish is a burden.

Election irregularities peleka kotini, I am not here to deal with hypothetical could-have-beens that can not be substantiated.

Again a waste of words…nimekuuliza 2 important questions neanderthal. Acha nikuulize tena and stick to the topic…attention span ya nzi

  1. Give reasonable cause why you find my statement absurd?
    Is it because it is beyond your understanding you dimwit? 2. Which is your logic and common sense?

Feel free ro consult with your equaly half brained relatives.

Typical NEANDERTHAL PSEUDOINTELLECTUAL, even an INFANT can’t make such a typo. Yenyewe being a NYANG’AU is a burden.

Back to the lecture at hand, you clearly stated that: ‘Anytime you fail to air constructive criticism to anything underperforming in your life it means you are either bewitched or plainly damn stupid.’ yet you bury your head in the sand when questioned about the outcome of the elections.

So my question to you, MR. NEANDERTHAL IN CHIEF, is are you bewitched or plainly damn stupid?


Njaruo foreskin ikiambiwa haina pesa huwa inashika hasira kweli kweli, case in point. :D:D:D:D:D[/SIZE]