National prayer breakfast.

This is an insult to God. The politicians are fleecing this country, corruption and incompetency is the hallmark of this government, insecurity is rampant mostly because somebody has refused to do his job. We need prayers but not from politicians.

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That’s very true. It kills me everytime i listen to that ‘parliament choir’ singing off-key:mad:…so irritating even to God Himself.

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I am gutted to the core at the wanton waste of resources by this government, I am sure Wanjiku is picking the tab for this event.

I keep on asking myself why can’t the prayers be held in Uhuru park so as to engage more Kenyans or even online as a webinar…


choices have consequences…next time vote wisely

We vote very wisely, it is the counting that matters. Since 1992, only one presidential election reflected the wish of the masses.

there is no hope because even the other clique is full of thieves and rabble rousers.
if you look closely at our country we are screwed. what with the corruption and outright theft in even private companies- HACO, KQ, Nakumatt, Audit companies etc etc.

Its worse than in the government. Kickbacks are the name of the game, otherwise no orders…I think corruption is entrenched in our genes and we should just learn to live with it.

The Haco story is sad, the nigga just killed his career.


State atheism like in the soviet union. But the event is just a PR stunt planned to woo the christian populace.

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I think apart from the Nordics, most of the rest of the world might be as corrupt as Kenya. So don’t be hard on yourself and Kenya

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sawa nimetulia

The nordics are very corrupt too: the Enron scandal, Lehman brothers, Icelands bankruptcy, The Eurozone crisis etc.

@Mundu Mulosi wacha watu wakunyue chai na madathi, its the only time they get to sit together away from politics na matusi

What happened to Haco and who is that ‘guy’ that killed his career?

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Unasomanga gazeti wewe…?

Just read. Those guys who falsified records za Tiger brands? That really sucks.

Ati kusoma gazeti?


Wacheni kupayuka bila facts. The event imekua funded na MPs through their contributions…