Nation Media, Royal Media, and SG Corporations

I think these corporations are just protecting their monopolistic influence and are afraid of the digital revolution that might demystify the grandeur associated with TV broadcasters. they shouldnt be supported, They should have prepared for migration when they first heard of the international switch off deadline. Ati sasa tuwangoje wamake business decisions on how to confine us to a small space. Tungoje watoe decoders where uko na option of three or even one. I think the Tv space belongs to any willing investor as much as it does to them. Ati they should be given priority ati wako big and powerful. Si wakawie one month waone wakireplacewa.Naona some sufferers wakiwatetea waendelee kuwagandamiza.


This is the classic story of some big corporations facing extinction because of their rigidity and inability to conform to standards, technologically or legally.Even if they are giants, they can still fall.

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