John Bosco, my campus mate was a sharp man when it comes to wooing women to bed, we were in a certain pub drinking cheap liquor when he convinced Natasha, a very cute Nyankole girl (Banyankoles are the most cute women in east and central Africa, Rwandese come in a distant second). Natasha had rejected my every move I had made, I even tried using money to woo her but she kind of hated me naturally… But in a span of 45 minutes, Bosco, the man with crooked teeth, very bad English had convinced Natasha, the darling of my heart…to make it worse he came to borrow my keys so that he could bang her in my own room…I lectured Mr Bosco that it had been my lifetime dream to bang Natasha, I told him that he was going to take her in the room, cuddle her up, ensure that she was naked then pretend as if he was going to buy condom, I would then enter the room (I had instructed Bosco to destroy the bulb) then bang bang her to my satisfaction…Bosco tried to reject but I pulled out a thousand Kenyan note (Ugandans value Kenyan money), he accepted since he could easily get another lass, it was his talent…entering my room, I caressed Natasha, her pussy was so wet, she could whisper “Bosco, use your dick please”…I whispered to her that I wanted doggy, she complied, I wanted doggy so that she could not notice my big tummy, Bosco was emaciated, he looked like someone who had a decent meal months ago, so many wondered why ladies gave into him…I inserted my dick into her wet but warm pussy, she was a bit surprised, coz my dick was somehow larger than Bosco’s… it occurred to me that she was Bosco’s bang mate, I din’t care, I banged her the whole night, slept at around 3AM, she woke me up with slaps and screaming, but I told her I came in the room and found a woman in my bed, what was I to do?..that night resulted in twins, Natasha is a mother to my kids, am travelling to UG in December to visit them.



Jinga, tafuta kazi ya kufanya. keep your cats to yourself. We don’t think of them 24/7

Wapi effidens? Mbisha notarised and accompanied by barua ya chifu wa ugandan village.
Otherwise u got a pregnant imagination


Taka taka

Nice read.

hehehe nice hekaya

enda danganya maasai .jinga

do u by any chance go by the name Little Makavelli-Saint ||| huko mukuru kwa Zuckerberger

Ukijua utaDo?