Natalie Tewa turns 30

Hoho typing and deleting. Oh thee wall about to claim another beauty

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Judging from those recent pics, it has already started. :green_emoji:


Take a walk in Nairobi and guaranteed you’ll point out a random gal whose hotter in all aspects ni vile tu they’ve not been exposed to $$$


Shet, I will stop drinking. Hii sio momo ya forte?!

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Here are the facts. Tewa wont have any problems pulling men even at 45. Her problem will be the QUALITY of men that she pulls. At 23 she could pull governors. At 33 she can probably pull MCAs. At 40 the best she will do ni teller pale Equity :grin:

It will get harder and harder to get someone who can give her the lifestyle she lived at 25. Case in point Avril. She is probably comfortable now but in no way is she living the lifestyle she lived in her prime akiwa keki moto.


She’s a goddess! What are you idiots talking about? Hold on. There is an angle from which if you look at it from, you’re going to see a weird forehead or sharp angled curve somehow, kisogo yake Kuna vile tu. But still , not enough to be hating. What is she though? A radio presenter? ama she sings? or she’s a socialite, WTF is she? Kuna nudes zake mahali?


Bado dem ni top tier maze.


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Top tier with that double chin? paint her black then comment

Upuss. The bitch is still hotter than most girls in their prime years despite being 30. I still think she can pull decent men in her current state provided hana watoi. Akipata mkidi hapo ndipo downward spiral itaanza ama akigonga late 30s when her looks will be seriously compromised. If she has half a brain now would be the second best time to get married to a somebody lakini ligi ya governors she has already aged out of that league now.

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