Nataka niwe village chief ama sponsor

Mods this rank of new villager is demeaning and insulting… Especially for someone like me…


hold on for your turn…

As clara told you.:D:D:D

Upusu. Hii ranking sio ugali unaanzia juu my fren

wapi ile kiti ya wageni

Hakuna malipo tulia.


Work your way to the top, ama ubomolee kabat kwa inbox yake… Jinga

Wueh! Umeanza kuwa mwaganu sio

In kenyantalk you must be called names to grow up!

Hizi title hazipeanwi kama njugu karanga

Form ni ya 2B Sponsor or chief so far Iko usaidizi gani ??


Attaining the rank of Village Chief is almost impossible. Thats why to date there is only one Village Chief. You should aim for Village Sponsor there are at least 5 in kenyatalk

It is not difficult to become a village chief, any body can be a village chief provided you have requirements needed. You must be a member of that society, so that you may be familiar with the rules and norms about a community. Most of the chiefs are always corrupt and bribe is the order of the day. I would like to advice you to keep such evil acts away from you once you become a chief. That office of chiefdom deals with the cases among the society member, therefore, you should have the knowledge and skills of solving problems. Hii itakusaidia sana, am namnagani?