Naswad RO's


Some of these crooked Returning Officer’s are cooking up numbers. Uhuru might have won with a bigger margin but some malicious IEBC officials have resorted to deducting his votes. Such instances should be investigated and culprits prosecuted.

Maraga told Chebukati to document them

Lets wait and see if they will take any action against such characters.


So 71voters voted a zero vote…hokei!

to send a message this returning officer should face charges


Ati Benrose, kwani the mother conceived him/her at Benrose Motel?

presiding officer not RO

Do remember that citizens do not have to wait for others to take action. Any citizen is free to write a complaint to the DPP and/or IEBC with or without the help of a lawyer about this PO and DPO. This is blatant mischief with the possible connivance of a compromised or careless agent, however it is the PO and DPO who can be prosecuted for electoral crimes.

Jubilee/IEBC should be notified of such anomalies so that the discrepancies are noted.

John Kiguru was charged with making a false entry in contravention to the Elections Act at Kiiri polling station on October 26.
Elections prosecutor Mutuma Mwereru told the Kandara court that Kiguru unlawfully entered 440 presidential votes garnered by Uhuru Kenyatta a Japheth Kaluyu’s in Form 34A. The court also heard that the presiding officer had reasonable cause to believe the entry was wrong.
Kiguru did not take plea before senior resident magistrate Manuela Kinyanjui as the case was deferred to Murang’a courts.
The magistrate noted he committed an electoral offence and that the court had no jurisdiction over it.
“The file will be transfered to Murang’a law courts, where there is an electoral court, for plea-taking and trial,” Kinyanjui said.
Kiguru was apprehended on Monday after IEBC lodged a complaint against him and is being held at Kandara police station.