NASA's Woes: Kwale Tour Cancelled.

NASA Communication Centre, [06.10.17]
The tour of Mombasa / Kwale is hereby CANCELLED.

There will be NO tour of Mombasa / Kwale on 7th & 8th of October 2017.
A new date will be communicated.

Why? The BBC’s Swahili Service has the answer:


I find it disparaging, going to campaign a place where your former ally defected and defeated you… Even to the voters you wouldn’t be able to convince much.

chupiman is broke. joho alisema hawezi beba mzigo huo wote aliachiwa na kidero peke yake

Ngoja watu wa Chupilee Media Wakupate


Kwale iko locked. Na hii bado ni wakati wa vifaranga.

138,000 votes hazifiki ata number za agents wa JUBILEE Kwale.