NASA's Gameplan

Watched the Ndii presser / NASA people’s assembly presser and are they being over ambitious looking for another election not later than August 2018? Is Kalonzo out? Given they are saying they will unveil the leadership that will support the people’s president in the convention in end of February?


Baba’s interview in BBC also mentions he is asking for a 3rd election.


nasa and gameplan cannot fit in one sentence

Hiyo angoje 2022 wamenyane na Ruto. Hii mambo tulimaliza last year.

Yaaaaani, after he forfeited the second one he can casually ask for a third one?

What I find weried here and untactful on their part is this:

  1. Will the elections be for all the seats? From president to MCA. I bet most of the incumbents will not agree to this given the cash they have spent
  2. Will they ask the same IEBC to do the election? Remember 6 months is very little for a general election. And say they are doing this end of Feb. March-Aug is 6 months exact… If they ask for changes to IEBC this is too ambitious… I argue that doing this would be setting up for failure. But that is Kenya where someone will tell you the road will be ready in 6 months and 12 months the line not a single layer of tarmac
  3. Will they ask for different company to print election materials/systems and everything else?

I agree.

Why are you even trying to reason with them.
As it stands, Raila got sworn in for a 5 year term. It beats logical reasoning that he is asking for another election.

I think the game plan is to remain relevant till 2022, and on that you have to give credit to rao, he somehow manages to keep himself at the center of attention, after 2013 and without any political office I thought that was the end, lakini somehow he managed to keep himself in the news.
Then after all that usikie skm or mdvd akisema ati there was an agreement and that rao should support them

But will they be defying a court order that bars people assemblies?
Preach water drink wine

Hawa watu hawana gameplan wachana nao

Pewa kitu bwana!

The power that be makes Raila relevant not the other way round, they know after 5 yearz he will cry wolf and only a handful suppotrers might believe him

now baaba wants to unseat himself and hajamaliza mwezi moja tangu akuwe sworn in…