meffi hakuna NASA hapa lakini kuuliza tu @pamba

I believe ile circuit hukuwa kwa explosive hucause sparks that ignite the explosive (my opinion ),so what if instead of opening the circuit you just rid the explosive device of its explosive content,like if the explosive is TNT utoe tu hiyo TNT?wouldn’t that be easier than guessing wires and risking your life?


Inaitwa detonator

Some detonators have a circuit board which set up the activation. Might be timed ama call activated. In such, you have to cut the right cord because cutting any of those would mean completing the circuit through a shortcut/cheat. In some explosives the moment you remove the explosive material, it goes poof! Some you can seperate eg the russian made grenades

this was very resourceful thanks.

@chamaa Kwani wewe ni yule mjamaa wa kulipua quarry?

haha…hapana ni PNC tuu imenijujua baasa ya kaquickie

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