NASA wasee ni kuleft tu

Alfred Mutua left
Moses Akaranga left
Paul Otuoma left
Ababu Namwamba left
Ken Lusaka left
Salim Mvurya left
Gedion Mung’aro left
David Musila left
Isaac Ruto Left
Omar Hassan left
Fred Gumo left
Reuben Ndolo left
Koigi wamwere added

Ata mm nmeleft

buda hao ni ma-snitch with instructions from baba to gather intel huko

Ninaikumbuka Kwetu pazuri

Jubilee is organized. For your to be useful to Jubilee, go back to your county/region and campaign at the grass root.
They don’t need you following Uhuru everywhere.
In short, there is no useful information they can collect.

the jubilee machinery rolls on quietly in the counties while rivals call endless press conferences in nairobi addressing red herrings na kuzunguka kibera na makadara. watazinduka 18th october waseme kimeibiwo tena…


Waulize munya kwani kuliendaje


nasa hakuna form mgeni anakaribishwa na paybill


What was their presser about today. Nothing can beat yesterdays outbursts. The Tetanus vaccine is meant to sterilize babuon supporters now so that in 2032 he will not have a lot of votes in his 8 bid of the Presidency at the golden age of 90 years.


I’ll not be surprised if he calls a presser tomorrow to remind us about the Murang’a water/drought project.
He seems to be reviving old stories to alternate with their main topic - Chiloba.

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It has already started. The latest being the $3 billion toll Private express road being built by Bechtel usa. Opposition is claiming its a deal between usa and Jubilee.

Well, confirms why 8 million Kenyans decided he should remain in opposition to continue the good work of checking government.

Don’t forget the other wild tale funeral song called eurobond. Somehow usa federal reserve bank colluded with jubilee to steal. Even the foreign core of reporters couldn’t write about this stupid phantom story.

Mgeni njoo mwenyeji apone.

Kwani wanaleft group bila kucomment. Walituma pesa kwa paybill?

Munya aliingia akaambiwa hakuna juice labda akuje na yake.

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Hehe … badala ya Raia mkuu kupeana mukwanja ni yeye anaomba ma villagers. Ndo maana wanaleft