NASA to Hold Parallel Mashujaa Day Fete for Election Protest Victims

NASA will honour Kenyans killed by police in the course of anti-IEBC demonstrations on Mashujaa Day. Leader Raila Odinga said the killings and those that occurred immediately after the August 8 poll appear “premeditated and carefully planned” to force their supporters into accepting a stolen election.
He accused IG David Boinnet and acting Interior CS Fred Matiang’i for scheming to subdue those agitating for free, fair and credible elections. “(They) are facilitating gangs on drugs and security officers fed with divisive propaganda and ethnic bigotry to execute a murderous expedition against unarmed and innocent civilians,” Raila said in a statement on Tuesday.
The Opposition and its supporters have been holding demonstrations to push for reforms at the IEBC, including the ejection of CEO Ezra Chiloba and ten other officials. Raila has pulled out of the October 26 repeat election saying the irreducible minimums must be met first before he agrees to be on the ballot.
Link - The Star

who benefits from these premeditated plans?

Ata wa hold meeting in series wacha parallel…


Tukutane kwa debe.

Jubilee…“because they want to force NASA supporters into accepting stolen elections.”

wouldn’t it be easier to plan to stuff ballots in your stronghold rather than bank on demo so that you can shoot supporters?

whatever they will hold will not be mashujaa day celebrations, it will be wajinga day celebrations.

Baba is omniscient. Whatever theory he puts forward is true and cannot be challenged.

Exit msando enters dead protesters…let the milking start…

baba-chupi luvs this.

*Joseph Boinnet

Yule ni nani. Huyo ndio watu wanasema RWNBP

The same person who suffers

Endeni semi-finals 26th. You’ll meet ‘baba’ at the finals level

It’s quite clear that NASWA would have wanted a higher death toll coz the one currently haitoshi mboga ya kuomba nusu mkate. Look at how they’re embarassingly trying to imsinuate that it’s a militia that has been killing their people. At times mimi huhurumia NASWA sana

Is that Bhukhungu stadium? If it is then Oparanya is doing a good job in KK.

So you’re convinced that #NoReformsNoElections on 26th?

Bukhungu coming up nicely. Oparanya igweee.

What reforms? Even if we put all kin of Raila and Kalonzo to lead IEBC, the outcome is the same.


Raila was not advised well. Political plans cannot succeed without carrying people with you. For over a month, he has been in Nairobi without doing anything to win people to his side. Why did he let jubilee steal his people? After realising the ground has shifted so much, now is the time he is calling off demos and trying to campaign in meru. How can you force your way when demostrations are only done in one small corner of the country?