NASA: The big announcement

Me thinks its not the time to celebrate. Political temperatures are likely to rise once more.This is my guess for the big announcement:
Instruct their newly elected MPs, MCAs, Governors, etc not to be sworn in
They will demand for a fresh elections and disbanding of IEBC. Remember they have done it before and they can also do it now. Streets protests will eventually begin. Kina Isaac Hassan and his team were ousted using the same method, so don’t think it’s difficult. Eventually, new elections or nusu mukeka are loading.
Gentlemen and ladies, what is your guess about the big announcement tomorrow?

Most of his kafaanas won by a whisker nani ata kubali wembe meanwhile majama Wa jubilee unadhani watakubali


Stick to your day job son, you couldn’t analyse wet paint on a virgin wall


How many of them would be willing to go back to an election that soon?




@Chifu, is not serious anachokoza tu.

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If you don’t hack politics kindly keep away from what you don’t understand.
This is bullcrap.


Big difference btw. removing Isaack Hassan and getting nusu choo


Nimeona ile letter ya Babuon ya conceding defeat kwa ile site ya NASA ya Propaganda namely Kenya-today. Kuna msee ali-ipost kwa one of the threads. Can someone investigate this

Inasema hivi penye ni most important.
'Fellow Kenyans, my colleagues and supporters, I have played my part on the political stage. I have made my contribution. I am particularly excited about devolution and a new constitutional dispensation. And as the Wise Man once said, there is a time for everything. After consulting with my family, my colleagues and Kenyans from across the divide I have made the difficult decision to exit the political stage. ’

@Soprano @spear @gashwin . Ebu watu wa RWNEBP wa investigate. Ama ni ati Kenya-today imegeuka kama Robert Alai na Larry Madondo?

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Wanafaa kusema luo Nyanza, Kisii and Kuria hawataitikia kuwa minority hapo


Tuma paybill boss.
Hio ni sweep of the month


good riddance to bad rubbish, lakini hapo sija include real luos gentlemen and women

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BABA apewe luo nyanza na busia akuwe president auze samaki hapo lake Victoria awache ujinga .


@Chifu chef he he heee

Raudi this gova iko ritho mbaya.
Any stupidity will met with an equal force.
There was a reason why uhunye gave a Lee way to IEBC disbandment.
Ain’t gonna happen.

Why do you use falsity to do your political analysis? Since the premise of your analysis is false, your conclusions therefore are wrong. When did they instruct their MPs not to be sworn in? Has it ever happened in Kenya?

IEBC contravened electral laws and upto now they have not issued 34A to NASA. This is acting in contempt of the constitution or subversion of it.

Noggle nyinyi. Nmemuuliza you guess what they will do, sio kuniingilia.

makende ya mama khulichy wewe