NASA Rename Uhuru park to Raila Odinga Grounds


If they are so in need of naming something after someone waende kwa ile bomba walitoboa waiite RAT Fountain. I’ll even send them some orange bulbs and flowers to make it beaut!

Hehe… Google apana tambua

Unless they change the meaning of
freedom in Swahili to RAT ni kazi bure.

Straight out of George Soro’s tactic book. It’s alleged he funds groups in the US such as Antifa, La Raza, Black Lives Matter and what these groups have been doing is going all over the country renaming monuments, libraries, university dorms that they believe were named after slave owners. As much as you may not agree with the person it’s named after, you can’t change history. Furthermore, Uhuru means Freedom not Uhuru Kenyatta. So now are they going to go after JKIA, KU etc?? Idiots :smiley:

they changed it as who?

"Uhuru satellite

On Jamhuri Day 1970, the San Marco space centre launched the “Uhuru” satellite. Built by NASA, Uhuru was the first satellite launched for purposes of X-ray astronomy. The satellite mapped the universe in X-ray wavelengths and discovered evidence of black holes. The Uhuru satellite was the first American spacecraft launched by another country."

Looks like these assfuckas have a distance to go! But seeing the kind of venom they launch projectiles with, I won’t be surprised to see them bring the satellite down with a rock!

Hiyo monument ni ya Uhuru Park kweli, that should be Cendro Park.

15.00hrs - Nairobi County Govt closes Uhuru Park from the general public for use on Madaraka day military exercises

Madaraka day??

mashujaa most likely

mara Ouru Park, right next to Central Park. A moment of silence for our dear Nasarites. It must be hard small picketing when even the venues refuse.

ION brace for another round of Baba while you were away shenanigans.