huyu parrot Junet asema nini? eti…85% polling stations in Nairobi, Nyanza, Western, Coast and North Eastern didn’t open. Turn out in jubilee stronghold was 30%.

Voting isnt even done and they have the statistics? What the hell?

National Retirement Movement has morphed into a B-rated village play even before the dust has settled. Pitiful.

all i hear is Ranting

Digging themselves into a deeper hole.

Those are a bunch of delusional bitter men.

Probably want to play the same game they played with many pressers during the past election. New allegations to generate more steam for their resistance. Give them something to use in insulting people online as the new plan falls into place.

bigger! better! more radical! Stay tuned…
#RushaMavi #ShikwaMakende #OnyeshaChupi

Wacha Kamwana achukue usukani as a fully sworn in President of the Republic of Kenya. Hapo ndio nyani flani watajua hawajui. As a matter of fact, me naona kuna nyani flani watajua hawajui hii weekend before the repeat election scheduled to happen in Rasa strongholds.

they have full story apart from that bit where protesters used faeces to scare voters and officials

They are fools…Someone said that if u ever find urself in a hole dug by urself, u must stop digging for redemption to happen!

Baba is beckoning jail time.

Wameanza… Ama nikuendelea?? Smh!! I would like to know what’s motivating these losers…
The counting will go on, what must me done will be done… Whether they chant, riot or call a press conference et all…

Kelele za chura hazimzuii ngombe kunywa maji…

Ii ni end month unless kuna mtu atanilipa salo, elections zikiisha ni job as usual.


Why are they interested in an election they withdrew from

This is the most puzzling part.