NASA planning to kick Wanjigi out?

I saw this article earlier and they seem to say the plan to kick Wanjigi out. Not sure if this is fake news from

NASA is shaking up its campaign secretariat as the IEBC yesterday gazetted October 17 for the presidential election rerun.

High-profile figures — including moneybags businessman Jimmy Wanjigi who promised big bucks but didn’t deliver — will be kicked out.

As it tries for a knock-out punch against President Uhuru Kenyatta — in 54 days — Raila Odinga’s opposition aims for a lean, efficient team running a better-organised and lubricated campaign.

Sack of salt


54 days zimetoka wapi tena

wanjigi haendi mahali…Rest assured he has baba by the Nuts.


He will not cancel the debt and it’s still mounting as they stumble around the country in another lacklustre campaign. Ujinga ni kushinda ‘sstrongholds’ na kudhani umati huo ni Kenya yote.


Which nuts? Cashew nuts? Juu hizo zingine sioni zikishikika

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This is propaganda spread through Nasa rug, The Star. Its aim is so that they are not told that they are ‘cohabiting’ with cartels

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hii tuliona ampex zikiwa fashion


Raila is the barking dog , wanjigi is the owner !


The way Raila’s cheerleaders are falling over themselves to take a selfie with Wanjigi, it is obvious James Bond ndiye Baba ya baBa

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‘…a well lubricated campaign.’ Lubricated by what? Wanjigi is the ‘lubricator!’.

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Huyu Wamjogi ni nan?

his hands are full of naswa’s collective nuts :slight_smile:


How can the investment get rid of the investor?

One last Jiggy from One-Jiggy?

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#fropagada…kama ile whatsapp msg ati the word ‘tibim’ is satanic. Tunafaa kuwa na museum ya #fakenews