NASA Petition

In affidavits that bear a mishmash of allegations, NASA tells the court that the IEBC “deliberately or negligently compromised the security of KIEMS thereby exposing the kits to unlawful interference by third parties.”

Isn’t it funny to read such a line from a party that held TWO press conferences during which they brandished and distributed materials that they claimed had been clandestinely obtained via ‘hacking’ of IEBC computers by their secret contacts in the ICT department?


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And what are these games Nasa is playing or are they trying to leave the respondents with no time to reply to their petition within the constitutional time frames?



It’s probably the same old incompetence that characterized the NASA launch, nominations, campaigns, elections and the aftermath. First, they swore that they’d not go to the courts, then decided to file hastily and delivered a freight-load of photocopies to Milimani close to midnight. Do you think that any of those 20 highfallutin’ liars thought of serving the respondents. Thy’re tripping over one another yet again, too many egos with too little work!


Tulisema kitambo,they thought by know protests would be very ugly and civil unrest at its highest,when that failed they went the court way but u can see them stoking anger among their supporters using fake iebc forms and propaganda.they just waiting to call for mass action going by their silly speeches at musondos funeral


But the beating was real!!

[SIZE=6]Gains in South Nyanza, Northern Kenya gifted Uhuru second term



Most people are more than wise this time round, no fighting for people who won’t feed and pay your bills



First it was 25k doc presented, then it was 20k… mara 9k now it’s like 3k… and 90% is composed of photocopies of forms 34Bs.


By the time the ruling is read u will witness propaganda and toxic statements .

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Playing dirty.
They publish the notice in the Sunday Standard knowing very well their lawyers’ offices are closed.

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Relax both parties have been served and confirmed…

The fewer the pages, the more ridiculous Orengo looks behind that lorry.


Iyo canter ilikua tu ni ya photocopy me I thought ni machine za Al ghurai


Un-ignore me and I’ll give your my candid perspective on this.

OP, see this

Wah! Scar tings!!

In this matter, I expect NASWA to be thoroughly embarrassed. In processes of gigantic proportions such as a general election, its easier to get the whole process revoked due to a technicality. That is why the issues addressed in their petition are predominantly electoral procedure matters. NASWA should have sought clarification from the commission and filed the petition based those responses as evidence of malpractice. These responses, if used as the basis of the petition, would have shifted the burden of proof to the commission since NASWA knows full well that they do not possess any credible primary evidence (hence requests for logs and devices = fishing expedition). Hii ndio ubaya wa kuprepare case in two days using pro-bono lawyers who don’t even have the time of day to put in the effort needed to secure a successful petition. SAD!

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Hakuna pro bono. The lawyers get paid one way or another.

Many forms of payment… nimeshika!

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