NASA Perdition: lawyers, quacks and wannabes kujeni

I had a talk with some guy and it was on this timeline issue. Nasa files their perdition in time. Check. Then they recall some addendum that would help beef up their case. Fair enough. Only thing is, the deadline has passed. Can they?

Ndio musiniulize mengi, I waa of the opinion that deadline is deadline you cant add anything. Also the precedence made by Supreme court 2013 points to that. Jamaa alikua anajaribu kuninasa with vice versa.

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NASA had all the time in the world, kakini what did they do ?

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First things first VE.


  1. (in Christian theology) a state of eternal punishment and damnation into which a sinful and unpenitent person passes after death.

In the ordinary you can only add any new documentation with leave of court but this being a presidential petition, the timelines are very strict and rightly so.
The respondent can inform the court of this during the pre-trial conference and the court shall expunge the offending documents from the court record for filing the same out of time.


Nasa is as mischievous as my four year old. Theyā€™re praying that their request is denied so as to have a red herring


2013 precedenceā€¦a nine thousand page petition thrown out for having been filed late. These so called ā€˜adendumsā€™ that lawyer Mwangi is terming as not important will also be thrown out. Wait a minute, Mwangi says they are not all that important; why file them then?? I bet they have just realised they form the spine of the case.

we must have skived some C.R.E lectures. these are just some of the predicaments Joshua encountered while delivering wanaizraeli to Canaanā€¦ !!


They were busy calling press conferences and mass protests.


Bonyeza hapa

I see the pun was intended.

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The road to caNaan is the road to perdition

2nd things 2nd Mr VE. Precedent. Sema precedent.

kwa hayo mengineā€¦ vile @Mr Esquire amesema.

Auto correct mode on my gadget. Itā€™s good to know you got the intended meaning. I normally donā€™t fall far away from the tree I belong to.