NASA presented its petition at 11.27pm last night with 15 lawyers. The epic court battle royale begins.

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its an original not an appeallant jurisdiction

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Who is their Strategist? Choking Supreme Court with all that so as to make them time barred? Orengo amewaangusha

The actual petition document is just 25 pgs. The rest are evidence and affidavits. If they could assemble the documentation in 7 days, the supreme court will have ample time to analyze them in the next 14 days.

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Perhaps you should accept that your knowledge on matters legal is horribly incomparable to Orengo

Certainly, you know more than him on Woolworths and everything plus-size

Ekuru Ekuyot and Kura yako SAUTI yako enjoining themselves to add evidence

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we wait and see the outcome

Guess who’s back back again, Georgina is back tell a friend,
the bile that is going to be on this thread…

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mjaa laana rudi congo ukafirwe. mkundu ndoo

They are just wasting the court’s time.

Raila and Nasa never learn.
Here are my observations from Friday night.

  1. They filed 1 hour to the midnight deadline. That means they were not prepared.
  2. They will probably come up with new evidence and blame the court for refusing to admit, yet they know deadline has passed.
  3. Once again, they will accuse the court of working under Jubilee instructions not to take in new files and evidence.
  4. They still think this is the campaign period. Still trying to hype their supporters. How do you explain using a canter that can carry enough tomatoes for a small town, to ferry files that can fit in Baba’s boot?
  5. My guess is that most of these files are nonsensical. I’m thinking they have thousands of Form 34As attached.
  6. If their strategy is to drown Jubilee and IEBC lawyers in mountains of ‘evidence’ it will fail because Jubilee has enough manpower.
  7. The lawyers are just earning their pay. They only way they could convince Raila and Wanjigi to cough out tens of millions is by making a big show.

Finally, my understanding is that for the judges to order a re-run, Nasa must prove that Uhuru was awarded 1.4 million votes more than he actually got. In 2013 they were unable to prove this, yet the number was just 7000 votes.
This time round is an impossible task.


We sit pretty knowing that we are home and dry! Kesi hawawezi kushinda. Na hata in the highly unlikely event that watashinda, tutawatandika vibaya zaidi katika rerun! Kwa hivyo, wacha wana nasa wajibambe!

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If 8000 or +1 was that difficult u can imajine proving 1.4.they.nuts

Look at it this way - at least we are not fighting each other! They can present as many legal “bullets” as they want, as long as there is they are all duds.