NASA demands 26/2017

The Opposition also said they will sue Safaricom, claiming that they conspired with IEBC and Jubilee to rig the August poll.

“We will give details of acts of omission or commission of how Safaricom was part of the mess of the August poll,” Mr Wetang’ula added.

The senator added: “The role of the telecommunications service providers is also in question.

"We have very credible evidence that points to culpability of Safaricom on the basis of which we will institute private prosecution against the company and its directors.”

[SIZE=6]No Reforms No Election


irreducible minimum uotp

let them overplay their hand. such characters end up losing all

Chiloba must go UOTP

This circus has to be stopped.

:D:D:D:D:D… How convenient !!! the whole world to conspired rig you out. Give us a fucking break.

Someone said, and I concur, that if NASA says they are heading towards the North, don’t bother looking for them in that direction…just head south and right there, u will find them.

Are they going to sue the media for transmitting fake results to the public? I mean… consistency guys…

nasa does not want an election. you can indulge their every demand but they will go on until you indulge their ultimate demand for LOP to be declared president sans elections.

Next they will sue God for for allowing time to move on towards elections.

The religious groups will also be in trouble for not praying enough to ensure God doesn’t let LOP lose again.