NASA confused x2

the NASA game was simple…

step one:
write a notice of withdrawal to the IEBC, have it stamped, but fail to sign form24A

step two:
confuse guys by calling for demonstrations keep the country busy.

Step three:
reason consequences of withdrawal, instead of procedure of withdrawal

Step four
Hope that The IEBC will declare Uhuru as the duly president Elect

step five
no election held on 26th

last step:
wait until November two, proceed to court and revisit step 1,3 and 5. The court would rule in their favor because the player was still in the field. create a the consititunal crisis.


Mutahi Ngunyi toasted their steak when he questioned about the form 24A…

Ajua vs Chess?

Mutahi busted them, Naivasha hakuna demonstrations meneger

WOI…Naivasha iko peaceful, but, hakuna supermarket iko na panga.

Punda roast 1kg inafikisha how much?

I have always wondered why it is only wajaka who have been protesting while the Wakanesa are supposedly also a NASA stronghold???!!! :confused:

kilo ya pundani 5500/- but ya wathog na pussy ni 200/-

Wacha zikae.

Legion manager very coherent and witty today.

Machakos MP ni wa Jubilee, Mwingine sijui Ford Kenya etc etc… People voting on issues!!

Si upuss ati our tribal lord amesema, like the two we see here daily!!

I think NASA were gambling. Same way they did by filing a petition at the SC. They filed the petition hoping for a loophole to sneak in fake documents which they got and the rest as they say, is history.
Come to the withdrawal (badala ya kumwaga ndani). They sent a withdrawal letter hoping that IEBC will be confused and make mistakes for them to run to kassin Maraga. This one has flopped.

i bet mheshimiwa kipchumba murkomen still has an ace up his sleeve. tingod should fire his advisers how could they snitch his plans to jubilee

Contrary to what people think I believe TMT had no game plan from the beginning…He is just playing his cards according to the current situation.
But since Wakoranetwork Jubilee is working overtime to reveal his plans. The withdrawal card was revealed on Sunday. Almost 24hrs before he could issue the presser. Worst is that the Press Statement was available many hours before it was read to the press.

Head of Jubilee Think Tank aka Cattle Dip lawyer aka 1001 teeth and his assistant Dennis Itumbi have no ace up wherever. They were fed with the obvious info.