Nasa claims conceding candidates coerced

They might be right but it’s everyman for himself.:D:D

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Wabaki hapo wakingethia we already moved on

He he he he he! Miti kuteleza jo!


Wacha nicheke kiasi. Kitumbua kimeanguka Kwa mtaro.

he he hee, this is what is know as loosing it literally

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they must be very weak-willed and cheapthen

Babuon had held his sheeps under a strong mental block either through threats, cohesion, blackmail, violent attacks from supporters and fear. His fourth lose is quickly eroding that hold and people are moving on much to his displeasure. The elections were free, fair and credible. Everyone knows that except babuon and his radical supporters. CS Kiunjuri was wise to publish the immediate swearing in of governors, something which Turkana governor tried to stop as CoG head under instructions from babuon. It was ignored and CS Kiunjuri sequence of swearing of governors continues countrywide. Even worse all lot of opposition governors are conceding or not interfering with the change of guard.


Hi story ya supreme Court nani anafuatilia apart from Raila??? The country has moved, kina Joho, Weta and co. hawaonekani, mzee pekee anabakia pale pale…



Kidero’s politics are way above the mental understanding of the likes of wetangula and babuon…saa hii kuna ofisi yake inatengenezwa mahali na sonko with kamwana

Mudavadi cannot concede defeat juu hakuna kazi alikuwa akitafuta. Na either way hangepata.
He banked on the wrong horse.
The idea of the Arab spring, Ghana, sijui where else blinded nasa forgetting that Kagame and M7 are still around.


If i was CS Kiunjuri, ningepea Nanok his wish kwa kuweka swearing yake pending…


Hehehehe House of cards… Know your allies… Who said politics is fair… Can’t beat them join them