Nasa cancels demos after Wanjigi blockade

Seems this guy had nefarious plans. Their discovery has sent nasa to drawing board

Details? Effidence? Anything to give credence to your two sentences?

One talker today said he has first hand information that two containers full of arms were intercepted at the port of mombasa and Wanjigi was the importer. Remember Wanjigi used to get tenders for supplying arms to coalition government

A man who has never produced or sold anything yet he is a billionaire? He is a mafia member and he should face what all mafias face: death by bullet.

If they bring gifts to the victims…

The National Super Alliance (Nasa) has called off demonstrations against the electoral commission scheduled for Tuesday to allow them visit victims of police brutality across the country.

Harvest time!!

Photos next to hospital beds, photos in cold-rooms next to corpses, photos and videos at funerals, where moving instant eulogies will be recited. Photos in the front pages of our sensation-hungry media.

Just when burning tyres and swinging catapults were becoming boring.

Where did you get info he has never sold anything. There is proof he has been an active businessman from the early 80s.

Yeah but it won’t be the same. There’ll be no roadside ‘on top of coffin’ incantations. I bet he’ll get a couple of photo ops at KNH and then go get drunk with Orengo. Paparazzi should look out for this…


selling what? influence?

Only in ktalk

Yes. Middleman. They are also known as power-brokers. You may be familiar with them if you have ever tried to win a government contract. In any country.

Didn’t i read somewhere he is has several companies?
But acha @wajuaji wa ktalk watwambie hafanyangi kazi yoyote

kampuni anazo lakini hazijulikani kutengeneza misumali au tissue kama za chandaria…

But also consultancy is still a business.
Si watu wa counseling pia wana kampuni and they make money?
The reason i say this is because i have an uncle who is also a jimmy bond but on the other side, so raila akipata atakuwa mashakani

its only our hypocritical opposition supporters who will cry about Waiguru 600 million NYS scandal but act deaf and blind when their sponsor the billionaire corruption lord is mentioned. Here only Christ can convince them he is shaddy or criminal but should he support Jubilee tomorrow he will be pronounced guilty in a second.

And this One-Jiggy mofo, kwani ako na bunker nyumbani? Cops were there, but couldn’t find him. His ally Orengo was there, also couldn’t meet him.

inakaa going after jakuon financiers has shaken him up[ATTACH=full]132860[/ATTACH]

He has been a con since the 80s

And its more lucrative than owning a company.