NASA borrows Kanyari's strategy

NASA employed Christian biblical teaching of the Promised Land to convince Kenyans to vote for Raila Odinga. Today, Raila Odinga has gone further and borrowed Prophet Kanyari’s ‘310’ sow a seed saying ‘this is your ticket to Canaan.’
Prophet Kanyari’s lone wolf tactics to convince innocent sheep to finance his life went ‘as your seed arrives, your miracle is released.’


Ngoja uone our brothers from the lake selling their property so send money to tingod. Vile walifanya molasses plant. Only one people.


Stereotyping is what you are ruminating

Waingie hii

Nobody has forced anyone unlike macho nyanya who is using our tax payers money.

siwezi tumia huyo raila even a single rupee

That’s why hajalazimisha mtu.

Quick question, in this case, can Orengo be regarded as macho chungwa au mapera? Yes or No? and which one is better for that matter?


How much tax do you pay as a person??

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The fact remains I pay Tax, which ends up being misused Mr. TKK.

:smiley: :smiley: Uliona hiyo macho vile iliangaisha @chebukatineza lawyers.

Uza shamba polepole, you will be rewarded with a prime plot in Canaan.


Huyu msee ni kura ama mchango ataomba all the mchangos held by Baba have never had accountability #RailaPresser

Raila is very wise on this matter kwani mnathani Mzee ataenda retirement bila pesa

Ruto’s remarks on Kalonzo holding that paybill sign is the most savage ave heard from him…''ati sasa ndio amepatiwa bakuli ya kuomba pesa"