As they were told by a wise man, that does not make him even an mca. Wacha wajivijali

This is the biggest announcement???.. I was expecting a Mnangagwa style of takeover…

If they dont recognize the govt how do they then draw a salary from.a.paycheck signed by the same govt?

Bullet 5 ndio tumemulika

Babuon ni monkey sumbua.

kaeni ritho


We only need 8 MPs to have a super majority. Wao in wachache sana considering many are broke. Parliamentary Service Commission has been busy receiving loan applications of various nature from MP’s barely a month after swearing in. They need the committees to work to get those sitting allowances to survive. It will be very simple to deal with them.

Babuon alirudi lini? Alimanage kufikisha threshold?

Ambia Muturi aanze head count in the house. Hii story ya Millie Odhiambo kupatia Duale card to punch her in iishe.

Wacha tujivijali


i don’t think this will work…on 28th jacaranda grounds will be on lockdown no one will be allowed to access there…Babuon aende akikaukanga

I think pia Kibera, Uhuru Park, Dandora, kawangware, mathare will be on lockdown. Tanks Kwa wingi

Jubilee praise and worship team

Kujivijali ni nini mungikiress tranny?

Which was the major announcement

How will this bring meal on my table? Meanwhile mimi naendelea tujivijali vile @Duke of Busia amesema

Puke of busia chieth