NASA attempt to reign in Independent Jicho Pevu

Mohamed Ali alias jicho pevu appointed to spearhead the NASA campaigns in mombasa County
And yet on the ground, the sour loser Saido, ndugu yake Hoho amekimbia kortini kusema kirudiwe.
This is going to be interesting as Moha is in Parliament this afternoon


Activists are learning the hard way. Makau Mutua ate a humble pie. If I may ask, was Ali consulted ama it’s to hoodwink him. Anyway use and dump policy at it’s best. He must be very wise currently

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Lakini si ni yeye naona hapo nyuma ama si yeye


Kuna kakitu ama yeye ndio atazungusha paybill pande hiyo?

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hata after kuibiwo nomineshen he still latches on to babuon?? yenyewe, some people are generally slow
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To keep him busy as Saido tackles him in court. Sasa jicho pevu na pesa alipewa na Ruto ya campaign, nkt, siasa tu!