NASA addressing nation

The numerous political analysts in Citizen expect NASA to ask their aspirants who lost to go to court. Having won the Presidential petition, the lower courts will have to go with the SC ruling and nullify those results too.

Tegea hapo Citizen. Happening in minutes.

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Nothing new
Anasema thanks
Praise Maraga
IEBC itoke
Total impunity
Status quo
Servers must be opened.

He is saying the whole election irudiwe. Yote. Hataki the so called Jubilee majority.
Amekataa MCA, MP, Senate, Gubernatorial

Anasema ati kukuwa na justice peace prevails. The bugger thinks that he has monopoly over violence

Give a man an inch…

so anaexpect mps wao wameenda parliament waseme hawakuchaguliwa kwa haki?

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Wacha tuone vile babu owino atasema to this

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