Narok Floods

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the flooding in the country. And particularly so in Narok which has borne the biggest brunt of the floods

Narok floods -

Hatuclick hata kaa ni clit.


Vile muuza viombo anasema hapo juu na vile wengine watasema hapo chini


Fuck prayers. Build levees like people with even half-fuctioning brains.

crick?? siwes

What did they expect when they deforested the Mau? Nature is often unforgiving.


Didn’t this thing happen the previous year? am so certain that next year will be the same story…

Wakuclick wameclick. Wa kuclick na mdomo pia wameclick
Anyway hizi floods ni mambo bad. Yaani one minute umepark gari yako vizuri, the next minute uko kwa rooftop hanging on for dear life. Is there insurance against floods

The Mau is a political tool used by DP Ruto and some South Rift politicians whenever it suits them. Halafu, Narok should have never been built in its present location in the first place.

That’s why I felt sorry for those of them who were talking of building/unclogging drainage trenches when it is do clear that this is a (seasonal?) river that cannot fit in a drainage trench.

Someone needs to make the bold decision to either relocate the entire town or at the very least demolish the buildings standing in the way.

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Hii siasa itatumaliza. I followed this recent KTN feature of charcoal burning in the Mau nikaona tuna shida nyingi sana. Yes I concur on the wrongful location of the town.

nimeclick :eek:

Mbona kushtuka hivyo? Kwani mameona nini?:frowning:

lakini si waliambiwa mvua inatoka kwa mawingu na sio kwa miti by non other than the DP and they cheered hehe

Deforestation should lead to less rain, ama? Why is there increased flooding

Hayo maji ni mingi, huku kunahitaji ukipark gari unaifungilia kwa post ya stima na kamba kama ng’ombe. La sivyo utakuta imenda na maji

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can also lead to floods because of less absorption of rain water by bare soil.

That is nature, you fuck with it you are fucked. Dp Ruto has committed too many crimes in this country, how does he sleep?