Narcos sn3

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venye waliua pablo mimi tulimalizana…waiting for preacher season 3 from your screen page, na sioni ikija hivi karibuni.

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Ive tried watching it…it has more subtitles than a japanese anime…taken a break in episode 2.

Sasa ninajaribu The Mist. But its soo bad :frowning:

Did episode 10 of power come out?

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Binging on it!

Kwanza mount tv kwa wall halafu urudi discussion


Kumbe imerudi …sasa warudishe kickass

Nimengoja season finale ya power for 2 weeks??

You can’t fix this …make it two of us

When is it supposed to air?


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The women in power have the most symmetrical aereolas on tv!

The finale airs tonight

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Was about to give him another pair :D:D:D


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Wall mounting tv was cool back then

Hope huna toddlers uliza @123tokambio ile kitu aliona

Kama ako na watoi atasoma na yake :D:D Next one ni ukutani faster…

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Mounting doesnt prevent this.

Toddlers wakiwa kila kitu ni consumable. Dont have attachments

kwani ni kwa bar?

Safety is also key my fren. Apart from loosing the TV, my son lost his tooth. It could have been worse, and I learnt my lesson. So, don’t just look at the consumable alone