narcos season 3

[ATTACH]125162[/ATTACH]although i hate snitches but this guy was my favorite… narcos ss3 of Cali cartelis better than Escobar

Iko tops

Na Leo hii tuliona threads ni mingi Sana. Acha niende kwa @Jirani na @aviator angalau nisome matusi na upuss Yao nicheke

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Handle yako ni gani yuko?

Nasomaga Nikiwa guest. Bora tu nione masweep zikipeanwa. Poa @Jirani lakini.

Iko on tops …after Escobar was killed I thought it will be boring.booooy was I wrong.

Escobar alikuwa master. Cali cartel are pussies walijipeana tu ivyo kwa makarao

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Watching that shit right now…anyone noticed they are also pushing the gay narrative in this series too…that second episode when they are dancing salsa and doing all that gay shinanigans which @Marty McFly enjoys doing with @uwesmake


Fag, I loved True Blood so much that the gay shit isn’t an issue unless you fantasize sucking dick

Homowebdev kamuliwa na @uwesmake pole pole

If I was gay I could have been a top asshole!

I think that guy Pacho could have been gay in reality. They try recreate the show exactly as it happened. Notice even the actors really resemble the real guys and even dress code when they replay actually footage.


most of new series wanaeka ugay sana it sucks jo

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the nigga was a fag in real life, they are just sticking to source material no agendas

Imefika episode ngapi ?

netfix hurelease the whole series at once

Kwa hivyo imetoka yote

thought the show would bore to death after Pablo died. well well well. ssn3 is a gem. finished it in two sittings :smiley: