Naoverchargiwa? Ksh 150 per unit of water. Barnabas area Nakuru

So I live in Barnabas Nakuru. Today the agent told me the water bill and it’s a little bit higher than what we used. I asked what they charged per unit and he said it’s ksh 150. I don’t know if this is true (it’s a new apartment and this is 1st time paying)

Anyone who lives in Barnabas, anaweza kuconfirm kama hii ni real namba amaagent ananiovercharge.

si uonge na mungu vizuri aongeze mvua…

Inafaa kuwa ngapi?

I pay the same amount in rongai

wacha kelele wewe, 150 bob per unit unateta?

Nairobi water Co charges 100 bob per unit.

“New Villager”, kwanza ungeuliza tu na your regular handle.

Pili, unajitambua kama “hasora” ndio majibu yawe “taylor made” vilivyo.

Pole “Hasora” and BTW a unit ni Litre ngapi ?

I pay Kshs. 300 per unit


1 unit = 1m3 = 1,000 litres. At 150 bob, you are being charged 15 cents per litre. Note that in many slums water is sold at 20 bob per 20 litre mtungi ie Ksh 1,000 per unit.

Nice breakdown, enyewe hustler hana chake, it might seem cheap kununua na mtungi lakini ukipiga hesabu its very expensive.

The water cartels stuff pieces of mattress in the pipes to cut water supply to specific areas so that they can resell the 100 bob per unit water supplied by kanjo to slums at 1,000 bob per unit.

Wow! To think that it’s only going to get worse in the future.

This right here is the irony of life…

The rich pay almost nothing while the poor pay exorbitant prices

These must be the houses around Ruaka, Lower Kabete ama Thindigua, pure kugongwa na maji ni ya borehole damn.

Usilipe more than fixed price

150 Is strictly in reference to whores. Wacha kutuconfuse hapa…

Enda ulilie nauko…wacha kutaj taja 150.

Ata Northland’s bei ni 150