[FONT=Courier New]Hope u guys had a splendid day. Straight to the point; Apart from OLX which other sites can one get genuine toyota spare parts. Toyota Kenya siezi dhubutu cz of their prices, nime tembea Kirinyaga road pia.
Thank you in Advance[/FONT]

part gani ya toy-ota umekosa grogon? ama ni ya toy-ota future?


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[FONT=Courier New]Bin there, am looking for head lights, tyres and also rims[/FONT]

Wacha kutubeba ufala hayo tu.

Tyres and rims? Za Toyota?

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If you take corners, you will end up losing in the end…rims are a luxury, if you don’t have enough money, just put off buying them…headlights and tires shouldn’t cost you that much…you will only end up saving 5K…is that worth the stress?


anything cheaper than Toyota Kenya by more than 5k is NOT genuine. sema unataka ya Taiwan close your eyes and walk along grogon with your arms stretched out and everything Toyota you need will find yoj

I have a feeling that you are playing the reverse psychology card on Ktalkers since you one one or two will offer to help and then u can con them. Genuiune Toyota parts in OLX? Really? Rims and headlights?
Like @Supu don would say stop smoking bat droppings.

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Tembea Industrial area. There’s a big shop at Dunga Road/Bandari Road called CMS (Commercial Motor Spares), 0728-866 688, branded in red and white colors if I recall well.They’ll get the part number for you as well as the genuine part itself. If they do not have it, the can arrange to get it for you. And yes, their prices can often be over 5k cheaper than TK, depending on what you want. Directly across them is another smaller shop that also retails genuine Toyota parts but whose name escapes me at the moment. TK themselves have a shop along Kirinyaga Road.

All the best.


Damn! That number is only three digits short of mine!

Thanks bro

[B][I][FONT=Courier New]> Mbomb OLX under Car Accessories there are people selling parts za magari.

Kolibah went window shopping for rims hiyo stretch yote ya grogon,almost all shops wako na same rims. Was looking for something unique and sporty.

Black T thats the reason i asked for a referal.[/FONT][/I][/B]

It is like raping a woman,who is already too willing… thihihihi… Thihihihi…

kwani u just learnt u can use a different font & colour?

wacha ni download ii b4 waeke watermark!!

That shop opposite commercial motor spares inaitwa impala auto spares

[FONT=Courier New]^ Thanks Fondo, which road/street?[/FONT]

Zii. Impala iko huko mbele kwa Dar-es-Salaam road junction plus it’s a big shop that I definitely wouldn’t forget. Here I’m talking directly opposite. A small, easy to miss shop but Toyota-branded.