Naomba msaada wakubwa - VPN

Travelled to China a few weeks back on some assignment. Shida iko huku is that the government has blocked everything foreign: Google, Google playstore, telegram, Gmail, Google maps ata xfindeos hawataki maneno yake iko kwa list.

Somebody had told me I need to get a VPN while here and I thought I would download it nikifika huku. Problem is I cannot download it on playstore as playstore is blocked. Ukitype the word VPN or proxy in any search engine the only result that is generated is a link to a newspaper article on the benefits of the great china firewall.

Nikitumiwa VPN app or programme preferably free or with a trial period will really appreciate. Google drive and Dropbox are also not working here so maybe via email(yahoo is the only mail service provider working)

Email: [email protected]

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zoea. china huwa hivyo.

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jaribi kutafuta kwa apk mirror that is if the site is not blocked

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Try an online anonymizer, nikiwa job South Pole, US military had blocked access to all social websites, their filtering is more strict when compared to the Chinese, we used to go around the filters using anonymizers, it might take a while to find one that works, there are countless ones on the interwebs, good luck…

This used to work well for us.

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Doesn’t work, anything with the words VPN or Proxy is flagged and blocked by the firewall

Tumia mimi $15 dollar, i’ll create a VPN wrapped in Stunnel and uta google, FB, or do anything you want bila shida yoyote

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Kama uko Guangzhou and are conversant with the area enda place inaitwa Xiaobei (popular with Africans) huwezi kosa a place they will install for u a VPN and cost 20rmb (approx Ksh.300) for a month.


Hata mimi ile siku nilikua China nilipata hii shida sana

Wueh china ni kunoma hivo?

Bila VPN huwezi toboa plus net itakuwa slow sana coz it has to pass all those filters!Even most [SIZE=1]porn [/SIZE][SIZE=4]sites huwa blocked ama ni hit and miss :rolleyes::D[/SIZE]

Why dont you just install psiphon?

Halafu ukishikwa na vpn kutaendaje? Asking for neighbour planning to go there

apana jua hii mahali, my area of operation is the rooftop bar, careerfour, pizzahut and some lake sikumbuki jina

cant download anything: ukitype jina vpn or proxy the websites generated get blocked by the firewall

Don’t know but most foreigners are using it

somebody to download for me zpn free vpn
anitumie [email protected]

will appreciate

Hotspot shield.

Download hii kitu ukiwa huku then enda nayo kwa memcard.

Ama ambia hao wakutumie vpn na flash share


Which part of China are u in?
Mostly VPN are done by the same people who sell the SIM cards…

Rooftop bar ile iko Zhuijang New Town Guangzhou?

Huko mimi apana jua sorry.

Hakuna mtu anaenda china hivi karibuni ampelekee na ip vanish flash disk?

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@Kdawg254 tor browser can be a good starting point.are searches for tor browser blocked as well?

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