Nanok today decided kama mbaya mbaya.
Pale Turkana karibu kuchimbike he tried lecturing future predident Baba on BBI matters.
The speech truly was for a person who really cares for his people. But wanainchi ndio wataamua.
As I always say politics is Local.
Munyes apunguze io Tumbo kubwa

Hii channel yako naona unatfuta views in every way

Leactured ni nini ghasia hii.

Just passing info on what happened.

Niaje mungiki. Adu a nyuba

Nanok is cut from the same clothe as Arror, msimano thabiti, hapana sitasita.

14 minutes listening to Nanok? No way! Wacha nikasikize mlio wa tokens zangu zinaisha.

Mungiki ni Nani ghasia hii. Heshima muhimu Mimi ni Bwana ya pastoress.

:D:D:D hata mimi siwezi skiza that fool for more than a minute

I have watched the clip and he is saying that currently every person in turkana gets 9,500 per capita allocation in devolved funds while nairobian gets 1,000 Bob. His problem with BBI is that each nairobian will get 3,000 bob while turkanas will get 9000 which is 500 Bob less. Its a shame that he can’t see the injustice of allocating someone in mathare 1k while turkanas are getting 9500 Bob per capita each. NB Nairobi contributes 65% of GDP. This means that the cow that produces the most milk is given the least amount of food.

These fools wanted to continue punishing some regions using devolution. Ati because some regions had been favoured all along since independence. Pathetic monkeys!

Uhuru and Nanok …a fav clip of mine. :D:D:D:D